Saturday, August 9, 2008

RUMOR: 'Rockman GP' Headed to DS

Last night, I received an anonymous tip that the cellphone game, “Rockman GP” is getting a DS port this fall. Anonymous claims the news comes from the newest issue of "Nintendo Dream Magazine", a sister magazine of the ever popular Famitsu.

Rockman GP was previously released on Japanese cellphones in early 2004 sporting gameplay reminiscent of “Battle & Chase.” Players could choose between three racers, Rockman, Roll and Forte.

The claimed DS port will feature an additional nine characters, ten new tracks, special “DS features” and wireless Wifi play.

Now, don't get too excited this is after all another rumor. I've yet to see this reported from other sources, so chances of this being true are slim. We'll see what happens.


  1. Is this GP game similar to Battle and Chase in any way?

  2. I think they should just make a new rockman racing game spanning across several rockman universes. Or maybe just an EXE racing one. :D Anywho, if this is true, then coolbeans.

  3. Not that interested.. Until the Wi-Fi part.. IF it is real then I hope it'll have Wi-Fi.

  4. ...Huh. Well, that's pretty cool, I guess. More publicity for our blue bomber! :3

  5. It's most probably false...

    Still, if this would be true, could we end up getting more cellphone games on the DS?
    If that's the case, I would love to have both Phantom & Legend of Network... I can dream, right? ;_;

  6. If it does, this means we could see 5 Island Adventure on the DS ;D

  7. I would very much like to try phantom and legend of the network. :( You can't even pirate it! XD

  8. Interesting.

    And is it just me or does it look as if Rockman is sticking his tongue out at us in that picture?


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