Monday, August 25, 2008

Want 'Rockman Summer Festival' Swag? Rinkya's Got Your Back

Ahhh, Rinkya, you never fail me.

Those searching for Rockman Summer Festival items (such as the aluminum canteen and E-Can beverage) are in luck; Rinkya is currently flooded with all sorts of goodies. But, they're going fast.

A quick search on Rikya can lead to numerous Summer Festival items, such as this lovely aluminum canteen here. However, Rinkya's search engine is a bit screwy, so you can't just search "Rockman E-Can" and expect results. Rinkya forces you to go through catagories upon catagories of Rockman related auctions all by yourself. No biggie, unless you're really impatient.


  1. I love you for showing me this place, I'd never heard of it and was currently struggling with trying to get on Yahoo Auctions JP

  2. dang, on second thought, these fees are killer. I guess if you don't know anyone in japan it's worth it though.


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