Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Anime Adaption For SSR3?

The past weekend was truly the weekend of Shooting Star Rockman 3. Capcom pretty much laid out their marketing plans for the newest iteration of the series SSR series: Two versions seeing a simultaneous release, merchandise tie ins (in the form of promotional cards) and a new manga adaption with Takamisaki San at the wheel. But wait, something seems to be missing. Oh yeah, the traditional anime adaption.

There was NO mention of an SSR3 anime adaption at the Summer Festival at all. Not even a hint. What gives? Has Capcom ceased all funding to Xebec and sponsors? It's likely. Afterall, "Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe" was seemingly cancelled months ago, its time slot now occupied by the succesful show, "Penguin no Mondai."

Should fans be worried? Maybe. In the past, Capcom has used promotional events such as the Summer Festival to give us a glimpse of the upcoming anime adaption, sadly this was not the case.

However, we shouldn't jump the gun just yet. It's possible as more info of the "Red Joker" version comes to light, so will informaion regarding the SSR3 anime adaption (and of course, Takara Tomy merchandise based off of the show).

This is-afterall, Capcom we're talking about. They like money. What better way to promote a game than give it its own anime? It's a powerful marketing tool.

For now don't fret. We have a few months before SSR3's release. Who knows what will be announced between now and then


  1. I liked Ryuusei no RockMan and Ryuusei no RockMan Tribe, and I definitely hope they make an anime out of this new game. (I guess they could call it Ryuusei no RockMan Noise or something like that.) To me, something about this game's plot seems suited for an anime (which isn't true for all video games). But with RnRT's ending so randomly, I doubt it will happen.

  2. It doesn't matter to me because I am huge of Rockman and Ryuusei no Rockman anime series was not good story and bored quickly so I dont care about it. I hope they dont made one. It's bored quickly, really.

  3. If there's another season coming it'd probably be announced next month. I don't see what the fuss is though, the show was pretty bad.

  4. To be honest, PnM drives me up the wall. RnR wasn't exactly stellar anime, but PnM just gets under my skin.

    This fame does seem like it'd adapt itself a bit better to an anime than the second one, and it would be nice if they could bring back the show and keep it at the same quality they did in the start/middle of the first season. (End of the first one was basically filler, so...)

    But yeah, with no mention of an adaptation at the show, I doubt it. I can still hope, but it's unlikely.

  5. It was pretty bad. I think EXE's anime was acceptable-- even good, but Ryusei's was crappy.

  6. Sorry, did I say 'fame?' That should be 'game.' My bad.

  7. There are two reasons I think the anime has a chance:

    1. Penguin ends in October, I believe - shortly before RnR3's release. This means they could still use the same timeslot if they wanted. (Then again, there might already be something lined up there, so this point could be moot.)

    2. Capcom hasn't totally given up on RnR outside of games - namely, their announcement that the RnR manga will continue with a more experienced artist at the helm. So they aren't just going the route of the other MM series and sticking to the games.

    But who knows. Time will tell.


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