Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Nail in ZX's Coffin: ZX Blog Closing Its Doors

The official Rockman ZX Developer's Blog has updated for the very first time since November of 2007. Hey, that's just dandy. However, the update is something not to be happy about in the least; the update regretfully informs us the blog will be shutting its doors on August 31st, 2008.

That's a darn shame.

The Developer's Blog opened up prior to the release of ZX Advent as a promotional tool, giving fans a behind the screens look at ZXA's development from its numerous contributors.

Frequent Japanese visitors of the blog have already expressed their dissapointment through the blog's numerous comment sections, though I doubt their pleas will do anything worthwile.

I hate to admit it, but the future of ZX seems to be not existant.


  1. Nooo~~ I loved ZX ;-;

  2. That is a HUGE crying shame. I was enjoying ZX and ZX Advent. I would've liked to have played a 3rd ZX game, but with the same company making Rockman 9....... well yea. I'm still hoping for a 3rd ZX game, i haven't given up yet.

  3. UGGGH!!!

    ...honestly, I'd just be happy to learn what was supposed to happen, plot wise. But now it's a CLIFF HANGERRR...!

  4. Ugh, this makes me sick... I've almost given up hope...

    Stupid RnR and Classic MegaMan...

  5. This was my favorite series ever. In a way I felt like I was still playing the X series, which is why I liked it so much, but noooooo. Now they're basically closing all thier doors and opening only one. Since it seems RnR is ending as well, that only leaves 3 possible doors, 2 of which are dusty and one which has recently been opened, (the classic series.) As far as vague continuations this has been the longest series. I suppose they're gonna try and fill in the holes now, but maybe that's hoping for too much.

  6. Oh well. No big loss.

  7. Damn, that bites. I had some cool Ideas for a 3rd ZX game too.


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