Friday, August 29, 2008

Rockman 9 Arrange Album Details. Ariga FTW.

The first details of the Rockman 9 Arrange Album have surfaced! Before you read on, I suggest you have a fresh pair of pants handy, you'll most likely nerdgasm.

Scheduled to release this October, the album contains a total of 23 tracks of arranged Rockman 9 music. Here's the kicker; The arranged tracks are being handled by veterain Rockman composers:

-Yasuaki Fujita, AKA BUNBUN (MM3, MM4)
-Makoto Tomozawa (MM7, MMX, MMX3, MML)
-Shuusaku Uchiyama (MM8)
-Akari Groves (MM&B, MMBN, MMBN5)

Guest artist are also lending their talent to the album:

-Tsutomu Kurihara on guitar (EUROX, E.G.Q., Lu7)
-Luna Umegaki on keyboard (Lu7)
-Toshiki Horisawa on guitar (THE SURGERY, E.G.Q., AIRCATSLE)
-Masahiro Gotou on drums (Ningenisu, Gerald, Zunoukeisatsu)

But wait! There's more! The album is coming bundled with a 24 page color booklet containing a 16 pages of an all new 'Rockman Megamix' manga by none other than the famed Hitoshi Ariga. That is just awesome.


  1. WOOOOAH where do we pre order? I just may need this!

  2. I just took a closer look at that preview picture on Inticreate's website, anyone notice that Tornado Man has DR(Dr.R(L)ight) on his armor? Wonder if the robot masters in this game will be labeled as DR(L)N, or DWN as usual in the credits. But anyway, I'm so getting this soundtrack, with classic composers like this taking the helm, I definitely wanna see how these arranges sound.


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