Thursday, August 21, 2008

New SSR3 Wallpaper At 'The Wave Station'

There's been a lack of 'Shooting Star Rockman 3' (aka RnR3) news lately, so we'll have to make due with the 'Wave Station's' newest update: A Black Ace wallpaper. (Anyone else notice Black Ace's resemblance to 'Destiny Gundam?'

Expect more SSR3 updates in the very near future, as I've been told 'CoroCoro Comic 10' is set to give us an in depth look at each Noise Change's respective abilities.


  1. The red eyes make RockMan seem older. It' a cool-ish sort of way. Anyway, I guess the form is officially called "Finalize" and not "Final Rise." I thought "Final Rise" sounded a bit cooler, but oh well.

  2. er... neato, I guess. :P They put too many little details and large face-covering... thingies... on RnR's designs.

  3. Yeah, the wings only resemble the Destiny Gundam, but that's where it stops.

    Either way, it looks pretty cool, that Rockman... Maybe we'll see a white version in the second version?

  4. Heh, well, telling from all the other stuff they've been putting up; it's not surprising that Black Ace would look like a Gundam.


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