Thursday, August 28, 2008

Even More SSR3 Leaked Footage

The newest leak gives us our first look at the over world. At 00:39, we can see Subaru transforming into Rockman on the fly without the aide of a Wave Hole. Pretty awesome.


  1. When the first Star Force game came out, I was one of those people who judged the game before I played it. When I bought the game, six months after its release, I thought it was a decent game, not great but decent. I bought the second one on the day of release and I liked it better than most of the EXE games.

    For the first time I'm actually anxious for a new Star Force game. Those new face pics look pretty awesome.

  2. meh... I guess it's okay. Maybe it's because of the video quality, but the change-into-rockman animation looks like a fanimation. Or one from a wonderswan game. XD

    As of yet, none of the Star Force games have passed any of the EXE games in my opinion. This one is shaping up well, but some things that can never be put into RnR (or SSR, I guess) just make EXE better. (the designs, for one.)


  3. It's neat but still not great game anyway. I am glad that it's the last game so I will still collect it anyway. :P

    Thank you, Capcom. Now please move on to the next brand new game.

  4. @anon: Not necessarily the last game in the series.Actually, SSR3 seems like a revitalization of the series.

  5. Indeed it does. This is how it should've been from day one.


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