Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Red Joker' To Be Second Version of SSR3 and Much More *UPDATE 2*

As expected, the SSR3 conference (at the Rockman Summer Festival) kicked off with a bang with the announcement of a second version: "Red Joker."

Both Black Ace and Red Joker will simultaneously release November 13th, 2008.

Another notable event: Apparently, Ryo Takamisaki, the creative force behind the Rockman.EXE Coro Coro manga, will be taking over the Shooting Star Rockman manga. What a surprise!

UPDATE: Some small briefs:

-Famitsu has added a boatload of Rockman Summer Festival pics
-Gpara has done the same

-Miscellaneous SSR3 info from Dark Messiah:

"DM says he didn’t get to see it firsthand, but got told the following:
At the Custom screen, the ‘aspect’ can be selected. Cards are stacked under ‘Support Use’ and ‘Single Use’. Support Cards use attributes, eg. non-element Area Eater, Fire-element Attack+10, Water-element Invis (?), Elec-element MahiPlus (Paralyze), Wood-element KusamuraStage (GrassStage). Single Use are the cards that are aren’t unavailable (?).

Favourite Cards to be removed? The Regular System is returning from Rockman EXE, and Program Advance-like things as well.

Voices also come back, with the title call (Shidou and others can be heard), form change, Denpa Henkan and NFB being voiced. Warrock is also voiced (eg. saying Area Eater).

The cyberworld returns! Wave In and Wave Out are replaced with Cyber In and Cyber Out, to suit the feel of a cyberworld.

Tsukasa’s seat in the classroom is empty, from the demos shown, and overall graphics have been improved."

Thanks Reploid20xx!

UPDATE 2: Even more SSr3 news from various sources!

From The Undersquare:
It seems that early-release of the versions will include special bonus white cards that act similarly to Brother Force: High Speed Black Ace or Powered Red Joker depending on the version. When selected, they will randomly roulette through four different cards, including a special Noise Force Big-Bang, which is displayed on the top left card on both White cards in the image. For Black Ace version, this is Meteorite Barrage while Red Joker version's special white card NFB is Atomic Blazer, which is likely identical to Rockman Fire Leo's Star Force Big-Bang from the first game, judging from the illustration. Both white cards also include Beast Swing 1 and an unknown battle card. High Speed Black Ace also has Wide Wave 1 while Powered Red Joker also has Attack+10.

(Note: Atomic Blazer is not Red Joker's Noise Force Big-Bang. That is yet to be revealed. Black Ace already has Black End Galaxy)

Many details about the game were revealed. In order to increase the Noise level during virus battles, you must defeat a virus with overkill. The extra amount of damage will be added. If one deals 80 damage to a 40 HP Mettrio virus using Wide Sword, the Noise level will increase by 40%. During boss battles, Noise will increase by half the damage dealt to a boss with an attack. The Noise level will only be affected by non-elemental attacks (It cannot be fire/aqua/elec/wood). Also, wind-type cards and sword-type card have been given proper designations in this game and it seems that they also will not contribute towards the increase of the Noise level.

It seems that Program Advances are also returning. The report mentions that a new card is formed when three Cannon cards are selected, forming a more powerful attack.

Like Star Force and Tribes, as well as Crosses from EXE6, the Noise Changes will automatically power down to their "Color Out" forms if they are struck by their elemental-weakness and the Noise Level will drop to 0%. Cygnus Noise has been designated "swords" as a weakness.

Some details on Noise Changes have also been revealed. Gemini Noise appears to have a Noise Force Big-Bang called Thunder Bolt Blazer. It also seems that the form will grant the Side Select ability. As for Cygnus Noise, in the "Color Out" form, it simply grants +10 damage to non-elemental cards and the Float ability. When the Noise level rises to above 50%, the transformation will fill in and Rockman will gain many more abilities, including the Feather Vulcan charged shot, which acts similarly to Mad Vulcan, +30 damage to non-time-freezing, Wind-type cards, and the Noise Force Big-Bang Meteorite Bomb, which strikes a 3x3 area twice for 140 damage per shot.

The report confirms the return of many support cards, such as Kusamura Stage, Mahi Plus, and Attack+10, though they've been revamped in some form. The Gravity Stage card will also be returning from the first game in the form of Gravity Plus, and it seems Harp Note will be able to use it. As we already know, new mugshots will be featured in this game, with War-Rock and Luna receiving new icons. The report also seems to imply that Ox will not be the first Wizard that Gonta uses. The report also mentions that a new dictionary-like function will be added to the game. There's a good chance that it's related to Kizamaro and his new Wizard, Pedia. Words that come with definitions in the dictionary will be written in red in-game and touching the words on the touch-screen will display the definitions.

Voice acting will indeed be returning. Such examples include Subaru crying out "Trans Code! Shooting Star Rockman!" during transformation, screams when deleted, a war-cry from Rock during the Beast Swing battle card sequence, or certain battle cards calls, such as Area Eater.

From PRC Tipster "CutMan:"

-You can transform into Rockman anytime without the aide of a "Wave Hole."
-"Side angled battles" (EXE style battles) can be turned on/off in the options menu.
-The Sky High Coliseum will make a return

Credit: Anoop's Blog


  1. Black Ace and Red Joker? Hmmm...I wonder how the card theme will fit into the story. Anyway, the transformation for Red Joker looks interesting.

  2. to quote director M. Night Shamalan (sic?) "What a Twist!"

  3. Hmm... at least the names of the RnR versions are interesting. Maybe this will be what the series should have been from the beginning. It could redeem it after what I thought was a disappointing second entry.

    :( This may sound weird, but I was kind of glad that the writer of the EXE manga wasn't doing the RnR one. It gave the EXE one a sort of advantage.

  4. @vpower: You mean, "Puroguramu Adovanso"? XD

    NOOOOOO! More and more things that set the EXE series apart are being put in RnR! :( i wouldn't mind so much if the RnR series was worthy of being related to the EXE series. What do they mean by the return of the cyberworld? O_o Oh well. Maybe Rockman.exe will make that rumored cameo.

    Who's willing to bet there'll be a third version called "blue king" or something? XD I think I'll get to work on that fan game that's what I thought the RnR series was going to be... a direct continuation of the EXE series... :D

  5. "Side battles?" If that means random battles, thank god. They were ridiculously common in RnR2.

  6. ... I just noticed ''Ace'' and ''Joker''... ''Ace'' is the A in a card game right?
    ...Kill me for not noticing it LOL.

  7. Side battles as in battles viewed from a side angle like the EXE series. Edited article for clarification.

  8. It seems to me that since you can choose rear-view or side-view, it won't be designed for side-view, so it won't be as good. :P I'm very glad (if it's true) that you don't need a wavehole anymore... I still miss EXE.

  9. Ace and Joker... yeah, you're right. What's next? Spade? ;)

    They're using Rockman EXE elements back in this game because the current elements have no great value over the EXE series. ;)

  10. ...and WHY dear CapcomUSA about doing a poor translation, regarding the first title, Star Force? Can't you overwrite it with Shooting Star MegaMan? The "MegaMan StarForce" has ended!

  11. @fabiano: Wha?? O_o

  12. its kinda funny that they use the name of card game (Ace and Joker) ... so is there a third version ??

  13. "Ryo Takamisaki, the creative force behind the Rockman.EXE Coro Coro manga, will be taking over the Shooting Star Rockman manga."
    This has to be the best news I've read in a while!! :D

    But I do have to agree in the fact that they seem to be trying to copy a lot of things from EXE... they should just make new EXE games!! >.>

  14. You said it! More EXE! :D


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