Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leaked Shooting Star Rockman 3 Gameplay Footage *UDPATE*

Leaked straight from the 'Rockman Summer Festival', gameplay footage of Shooting Star Rockman 3 in all its glory.

Footage depicts a quick battle between Rockman and some Mets, then moves onto a discussion between Rockman (WarRock) and Shidou. (Get a load of the new face shots!) Following that, we move onto some tense fights showing various new Cards in action coupled with some splendid (but brief) Noise Change footage:

UPDATE: A second video has appeared. It seems to be the game's tutorial.


  1. Never in my life has wiggly footage irked me more. O_O Anyway, Rockman's new mugshot is cool looking. Much more-- interesting, than the past ones. I think they're trying to mature-ify this game a bit.

  2. I wonder what the deal is with the card layout. Can't wait for this.


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