Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Two Worlds Collide, Things Get Awesome


  1. Must...not...fap!

  2. I LOVE this fangame!!! It is made of sooooooo much pure win!

    These are the things I love about this game:

    1: The newly added playable characters.
    2: The Megaman, Nintendo and Sonic world.
    3: That the engine is real solid.
    4: They hardly use any midis.
    5: This game is just fantastic all round.

    I love this fangame, everytime it is updated I grab the new updated version; however, it is getting pretty big which is leading to longer start times. All I wish was that Brawl could have had the Megaman meets Mario crossover like I wanted. -_-

    *sigh* Maybe one day...

  3. Well, there is a lot of style mixing.... That's.. The main problem.. It does look extremely fun though.

  4. Man, I CANNOT WAIT for this game to finish! The early demo I played blew me away. I'm telling you guys, some of the best stuff is coming from people that aren't even working in the business professionally! I'm stoked for this and 8-bit Mega Man 8!!


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