Monday, August 18, 2008

'MegaMan' On Virtual Console Today? *UPDATE*

My inbox is getting flooded with with reports that MegaMan (1) is slated to appear on the Virtual Console later in the day. What a nice surprise!

Tagging alongside MM1 is 'Neo Turf Master' and the WiiWare titles 'Midnight Pool' and 'My Aquarium.'

We'll know in a few hours if these reports are true, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all who sent this in!

UPDATE: According to the Nintendo Press Room and the Virtual Console Reviews, MM1 is indeed showing up on the VC today. Joy!


  1. It's on nintendo's press site, so it's 100% confirmed at this point

  2. Time to kick the six robot masters butt again on my wide screen. :)
    Hopefully Mega Man 2 comes out soon as well.

  3. I quickly downloaded it when I heard about it. I compared it to the MMAC version and I have to say that it does look much better, even the colors are in a different more NES like tone. And there is no cropping like the MMAC version of Mega Man 1.

  4. About time. Now everyone can cuss like sailors and hurl their controls out the window on Guts Man, Ice Man and the Yellow Devil stages. 'Tis a good day!

  5. i'm connected to the british internet (having an english wii after all) and the vc games mm1 and 2 are already out! i downloaded mm1 ages ago and just need to get that wily and then i'll get 2.


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