Saturday, August 30, 2008

My God...This Is Awesome

Look at this thing. Just look at it. Is that not awesome or what?

What we have here is a Prometheus "garage kit", displayed and sold at the recent 'World Hobby Fair' in Japan. Want it? It can be yours for the whopping price of 6,900 Yen (Around $66.00 USD)

Take note! The seller underlines the fact that the kit is un-built and un-painted, so it's up to you to make it look as awesome as it does in the pic.


  1. DAMN! I'm gonna buy this some how...
    maybe zx means something still to capcom.

  2. what someone needs to do, is dona suit, collect pictures of all these awesome Megaman fan figure kits, and present them to Capcom, and state explicitly how these awesome figures are made by people at hobby fairs where they try to see if they can hook up with a company to produce their toys. and then follow with an explanation, on how Jazzwares should be fired for incompetence in toymaking, since a videogame fan can make better toys than a big corporation with a factory. and hire the guys who make those awesome toys, because more people would buy them due to better quality, and they would make more money.



  4. Shweet! I wike! I wike! It's awesome! Downsides: Dismantled. Paintless. FREAKIN' $66!!

    But it's great even with those.

  5. ...Somehow I thought it was a 3D thing LOL.
    (Btw. email me again D;)

  6. OOOOOHHH!!!!! NICE!!!!! I want. I'd be more excited if it was Pandora, but thats still pretty nice. Maybe ZX isn't dead yet after all.

  7. Don't forget Rinkya's fees, which appear to be a minimum of $20 plus shipping from them to you. Or am I reading their site wrong? Rinkya seems very expensive.....

  8. Hey, has anyone used this place to bid on Yahoo JP auctions?

    Their fees seem to be way lower than Rinkya's and on most things they charge you the actual amounts rather than some flat amount like Rinkya. An item that would cost you $35 in fees on Rinkya would only cost about $15 in fees here. This is less the shipping to the US mind you. But that is actual amount here.

  9. first time I've heard of it! thanks.


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