Monday, August 11, 2008

New 'Black Ace' Info: Noise Changes, Finalize and More

The Official RnR3 website updated today with a hefty amount of new screens giving us our first look at Rockman's "Finalize" form, which I gotta say, looks kick ass.

-Finalize (aka 'Final Rise') occurs when the Noise Ratio is over 200%. Once this happens, you are prompted to gain access to Meteor G itself, lending you the power to transform into the ultimate form. So far, only the Black Ace form has been revealed, though I expect to see more Finalize forms in the near future.

-Black Ace's "Noise Force Big Bang", Black End Galaxy, allows Rockman to place a large black hole onto the battlefield, paralyzing enemies and dealing a 500 damage Sword based attack.

-We have our first look at Shidou's Wave Form; Acid Ace. Utilizing the program, "Ace Program", Shidou and Acid gain access to Meteor G as well, allowing them to draw upon its immense powers.

-Five new Noise Change forms were revealed: Cancer Noise, Crown Noise, Virgo Noise, Wolf Noise, and Corvus Noise. Nothing interesting about these new forms, though it should be noted that we now have a grand total of ten Noise Change forms.

More pictures and information can be found at the Wave Station

Credit: The Undersquare


  1. Whoo! That's a lot! Do you think it'll be five per game? Assuming there is more then one version. If not then, WHOO! That might be to much actually.. Depending on how many you can equip.. As for Black Ace, SHWEET!

  2. Big bangs are cool and all, but Pleh. They're too big. I don't know. It feels like no strategy. I just can't explain how much more I like the EXE series. :P

  3. I know what it is I don't like about RnR. It looks too much like other mech/robot/superdude things. The enemies and characters and stuff aren't unique looking. Rockman.exe had its own look. Plus, the style was just better.

  4. *drools over Black Ace*

  5. Hmmm... it deals with frequency?


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