Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MegaMan 9 XBLA Achievements Are Frickin Hard

One thing is certain about MegaMan 9; It's going to be tough. Capcom appears to be further honoring MM9's difficulty with numerous achievements that only the seasoned veterans can master. Can you tackle these feats?

Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.

Clear the game without dying.

Almost Invincible
Clear the game without continuing.

Gamer’s Day
Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.

Trusty Sidearm
Defeat the 8 Bosses with the Mega Buster.

Blue Bomber
Defeat a Boss without getting damaged.

View all twelve Achievements and their rewards at "Inside MGC." (Also, take a gander at the Robot Master's sprites on the left side of the page. Sweet!)

As for Wii and PS3 versions, no official word if either of the two will have a similar system. However, Wiifanboy's playthrough of MM9 implied that the Wii version will contain something along the lines of Achievements:

"The only hint of newness was found in the control explanation sheet -- the minus button will eventually go to the "Challenge List," a feature that wasn't yet revealed."


  1. These Achievements reek of "masochist". Gaaah.

    (And am I the only one hoping Jewelman and Hornetman would look a little more badass?)

  2. Any chance these will be in the WiiWare version through in-game goals or something like that?

  3. *joke*
    Back playing
    - Play the game avoiding the TV screen.

    Stand still
    - Don't play the game and left MegaMan stopped for 5 hours.

    Bug me now!
    - Finish the stage without killing any enemy or taking damage.

    Horny rice
    - Puts honey on your rice and have fun while playing the game.

    - Don't sleep for 5 days.

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  5. @Pluvius: The Wii version will have something similar to this. Re read the article for the updated information.

  6. Sounds like some the spirit from some of the folks who did the hardest MM2 hacks have possessed Capcom.

  7. Why is there that picture up there?? Take it down please! Gah.. My virgin eyes!
    But It's cool how you get rewards.

  8. Dr. Light getting an icon over Forte is a bit depressing, & does not bode well for Forte's inclusion in the game.

    Also, lol @ spoiling the final boss. I guess it's not Light. Can't sya I'm surprised, but I wasn't sure if Inti would fuck things up or not.

  9. Dr. Light's been a megaman character since megaman 1. I think it right for him to get an icon over Bass. Maybe he'll be there.

  10. http://www.destructoid.com/elephant/ul/99390-bosses%20copy.gif

    all 8 robot master sprites right there

  11. I wanna bang Splashwoman now.

  12. I've wanted to bang Splash Woman for quite some time.

  13. thank you for taking the picture down.

  14. Hm... If I can clear the game without dying, I can probably clear it in 60 min or less (not that I'm downplaying how difficult either would be), and most certainly Almost Invincible.

    Gamer's Day seems unnecessarily tedious. Why 5? If you can beat it 3 times it should be assumed you know your shit.

    Trusty Sidearm sounds fun. I like to see how I do without exploiting bosses' weaknesses anyway.

    Blue Bomber- if it's only *a* boss and not all bosses, that shouldn't be too bad.

    No Coffee Break, sure why not.

    Destroyer- sounds tedious.

    ...Of course this is even assuming I'll get a chance to play this. I don't even have a Wii :(

  15. TornadoMan = Harpuia
    SplahWoman = Leviathan

    I would pay $1000000000000000 for play megaman 9

    i love the Robot Master, GalaxyMan looks Awesome, Auto in 8 bytes looks perfect, how will look bass?

    PD: i want a Rockman ZX 3 PLEASE

    From CHILE!

  16. ConcreteMan = GutsMan
    MagmaMan = FireMan

    I would pay £72 for play megaman 9

    i love the Stage Enemy, Metool looks Boobalicious, Dr. Light in 8 bytes looks perfect, how will look trout?

    PD: i want a Rockman DASH 3 PLEASE

    From AMERICA!


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