Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wanna Ask Inafune A Question? Now's Your Chance

Have you ever wanted to ask Inafune san a question? A question that has been lingering in your mind day after day? Now's your chance. Capcom-Unity is giving us fans a rare opportunity to have our questions answered by the father of Rockman himself; Keiji Inafune.

Capcom is submitting only the 'ten best questions' to Inafune, so make sure your questions are really good.

Interested? Join Capcom-Unity and post your question(s) at this topic.


  1. do you keep your eternal youth?!

  2. Somehow I get the feeling that a large chunk of those questions will be various forms of, "When's Legends 3 coming out?!"

  3. Huh ? Maybe he exercise moderate and eat right food and sleep right and don't smoke and don't drink alcohol you know. Those affect people look older or something.

    I am like him. I keep myself eternal youth because of those things I need to keep myself looking younger. :P

    Anyway, I can't wait for Legends coming out soon.. At least for Wii I really want. :P

  4. I want to know why he did not try more actively to get Megaman in Brawl!? O_o

  5. That thread is so god damn retarded...

    The mass amount of morons asking for stuff that is un-needed makes me feel disgusted as a Rockman fan.

    The Legends questions are alright; but I am sick and tired of hearing "WAH, WE WANT X9,Zero 5,Battle Network 7, etc." all the damn time.


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