Thursday, August 21, 2008

Turn Windows Into a Virtual PET *UPDATE*

This unique program created by Liam Akakpo, aims to turn your Windows operating system into a fully functional PET. Currently, the project is in beta testing, but will eventually be available in the near future for public distribution. Many thanks to Josh who sent this in.

UPDATE: Scratch what I said about beta testing, the program is done and can be downloaded from here!


  1. Hey, Protodude. It's Syl from Mega Man Network. I was looking around and found that there is a download for it from the programmer's Wordpress blog:

    There actually seems to be a download of it. Who would have thought.

    There might also be a video or two extra from the person beta testing it (DarkKittenGamer).

    Pretty fresh, if I do say so, myself. Here's MMN's post on it, if you want it:

  2. I just found that yesterday

  3. I found it the other day... It's not as shiny as it looks. I mean, it looks shiny, but it doesn't really do anything. Which would be okay if it actually looked like a PET, but it just has a pic of a navi. :P I want to make one, but I don't know what features to include to make it useful.

  4. pretty spiffy, i like how there are so many navis

  5. Dude thats realy cool i like it alot cant wait for the full 1 i hope u add a few more navis oh and u shud get a couple antivirus things 2 compat wiv it cos cos then u cud go virus busting LOL

  6. The last WinPET Update, WinPET 2.5.5 was released on 04 September 2008


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