Sunday, August 10, 2008

Udon To Translate R20, Be Prepared For A Long Wait

This is a surprise: Apparently, Udon Entertainment announced that they have signed a contract with Capcom to translate and distribute "R20: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works" art book in America.

Awesome news. Let's just hope Udon can release this sooner than later. MMZOCW works took years to come out. I'm prepared to wait at least a year and a half before I see this on shelves.

Credit: MegaMan Network


  1. Talk about dropping bombshells!

    At least we'll have plenty of time to decide whether or not to buy this version. :) (Though I'm sure most everyone will buy it.)

  2. That. Is Beyond. Sweet!!
    That. Is. Beyond. Awesome!!
    I. Is. Teh. Heppeh!!!!!!!!
    I'mma buy the X version for sure. Hopefully the prices come out a little while before it. So I know how much to save.

  3. Udon? I thought that was a type of food. O_o Do these R20 art books only have classic and X art?

  4. I'm sure UDON will get off their asses as they've been doing lately with UFS. Then again, they're Street Fighter whores who put Street Fighter above Rockman. So them devoting time to UFS is natural. However there are no Street Fighter sets planned lately (THANK.FRIGGIN.GOD. I've had ENOUGH of Street Fighter in UFS right now) so they should have time to translate this.

  5. It's less that they favor Street Fighter, it's that they've been working with it the longest, and Capcom gives them more freedom and input on it. Mega Man is new territory for them, so they're still having to get tons of approvals from the top on down and stuff.

    Plus, Street Fighter is moving in a big way right now, with SFIV and the Chun Li movie, so they're definitely taking advantage of it while it's hot.

  6. On Udon's website it says that the Mega Man Complete Works is out in September, and the Mega Man X out in November. I really hope this isn't delayed - I can't wait any longer!


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