Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Budget 'Rockman Rockman' On Its Way

Not nearly as exciting as yesterday's Rockman Rockman "news", (deconfirmed by the way) but still news worthy nonetheless.

Capcom plans to re release 'Rockman Rockman' under PSP's "Best Price!" budget lineup in the very near future for 2,050 Yen. Those who've yet to play the Japanese version may want to invest in the re release, especially if it means another chance to raise Rockman Rockman's profits. (Better profits=better chances of sequel)

Credit: Yodobashi online shop


  1. unless it's for DS or wiiware, again-- I don't care. :P

  2. @ anonymous, I'm a Nintendo fanboy, and I sure haven't regretted getting a PSP. Sure, the majority of the must-have games are ports or remakes (MM:PU, MM:MHX, C:DXC, FFT:TWOTL, VP:L, DSC:TCT), but they were dang good. The DS and PSP are great for completely different reasons; why choose one when you can have both?

    Actually, I can probably answer that question: expense. Still, I have yet to regret any penny that I spent on a PSP or games.

    As for this game, I commend anyone willing to support the cause, but being a broke college student at the moment has me living a bit more frugally.

  3. XD Yep, you answered yourself. Though I am the good type of nintendo fanboy (Enjoys all consoles but loves nintendo the most.) I would buy a PS3 and XBOX360 and PSP if I could. (Well, maybe not... but it's not because I don't like them.) :)

  4. The thing would fit nicely this way:

    Better sequels = better chances of profits

    Why do they think in reversed way!? :| Plus, the correct title would be "Rockman 2 Rockman" and not "Rockman Rockman 2". ^_^;;


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