Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reika Morishita Looking to Revive MML Theme Songs

Mega Man Legends vocalist Reika Morishita is considering re-arranging the original game's theme songs, Another Sun and Your Wind is Blowing, according to a post at her official blog. 100,000 Strong for MML3 is reportedly working closely with Ms. Morishita to make it happen.

"The project is steadily going on. So, how would it be made up?" ponders Morishita. "Everyone, how do you think it will be like? What do you want it to be like? I want to hear your your voices about it. I think it will would be nice to incorporate the best opinions within it! Because, these songs are still alive in everyone's heart!"

"This is a serious career move for Ms. Morishita, and everyone here is very grateful for her efforts," writes a representative from 100,000 Strong. "For a temporary means of communication with her, all comments to this note will be read and translated for our great ally in arms to read."

Said note can be found here at the movement's official FaceBook group. All are welcome to provide feedback and words of encouragement to the singer.  Ms. Morishita has previously gone on record to show her support for Legends 3's reinstatement. It would seem this is her way of not only trying catch Capcom's attention, but paying tribute to the fan movement itself.

This is a project that will take some time, mind you, so it might be a while before anything concrete surfaces. If anything of interest pops up, I'll toss it your way. Best of luck to Ms. Morishita!


  1. Were these songs in the English versions of the games? If they weren't then I'm _probably_ not familiar with them. Still, obviously I support this effort nonetheless.

  2. Unfortunately, the songs were not in the English versions of the games.

    Another Sun is a good song though, if you haven't listened to it, I'd recommend finding the Mega Man X anime promo video with that song in the background. (That was the first video I saw with Another Sun playing before I knew it was Rockman DASH's theme.)

    Morishita Reika - if you need money to help support the revival, then money I shall give you...

    The 3DS is still fresh, and hope still lives~!

  3. Love both DASH 1 songs, it would be great if this project worked out :)

  4. Your wind is blowing?

    That is an unfortunate but hilarious title.

  5. Bring Megaman Legends 3 back.. I dont care about her revive MML theme songs. It doesnt interesting me at all.

  6. @Anon: You're an idiot. This will help revive MML3. read the article.

  7. @Anon #1:

    You're missing the big picture. As Anon #2 was bringing out, this may help in the movement to get things rolling again. Besides that, I thought both of those songs were excellent, though of course, people are entitled to their own opinions.

    About the theme songs' revival, it's hearing things like this, that helps me to remain hopeful and optimistic. Especially when it comes from someone who was involved with the game, in some way.

  8. I'm sorry, that was directed at Anon #2, not #1, and I was referring to Anon #3's comment. Sorry for the mix up!

  9. Best news in a while. Love both songs :)

  10. X Europe dated -


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