Monday, October 12, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Dept. Store Ad

With about a month until its release, an ad for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star, has been spotted by Tarbosan at his local department store in Japan.  The poster shows new artwork of Rockman and Netto as they strike a pose against a starry sky while SSRockman looms in the background alongside a blazing meteor.

Hopefully, we'll get a clearer shot of this soon.  In the meantime, there's a few more shots available for viewing at Tarbosan's blog, but they too are a bit on the blurry side...


  1. Gee, reminds me of the art they used on the Ryusei1 site, only inverted. XD

  2. Cool! I bet that this is going to be the box art! I like it better than the other one.

  3. Anon2:
    I go with you on this, seems pretty accurate if you ask me.

  4. What is this on the blog?

  5. @megarock:

    It's a fan game tarbosan is working on, he's using assets from the EXE 1 ROM.

  6. Interesting project he's cooking up.

  7. It's like Capcom is trying to hide the SS Rockman aspect of the game a lot with the artwork of the games.

    You can BARELY see him in this piece, and most of the other sites/pictures/videos that showcase him barely give him acknowledgement.

    Kinda sad, considering SSR is the superior Rockman RPG. :/

  8. @Saito: Where exactly are you getting that? I don't mean to cause an argument, but I haven't seen any evidence that supports the gameplay in SSR being any better than EXE's.

    They're focusing on the EXE aspect because... it's an EXE game, haha.


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