Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Rockman X DiVE's Sprint Festival Begins Today

There's a lot of activity happening in Rockman X DiVE this week! We have a fan favorite Maverick becoming playable, the second installment of XDiVE Maximum Race and the beginning of the Spring Festival event, among other things. Check out all the details after the break!

The banner with Magma Dragoon and the S rank weapon Boomerang Blade is already live through January 27 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Let's check Magma Dragoon's skills first!


Shoot flame rounds that inflict damage equal to 200% of your attack.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Flight Assistance Device: Range and flight speed increased by 10%.
  • Combination Tech: When you hit a target, you can use Rising Fire again. This effect can only be triggered once more after 6 seconds.

Rising Fire

Perform a powerful uppercut while engulfed in flame to inflict damage equal to 300% of attack. You are invulnerable during the skill.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Show Time: When you use the skill, you will not suffer from negative status effects.
  • Combination Tech: When you hit a target, you can use Hadoken again. This effect can only be triggered once more after 6 seconds.

Passive Skills

Show Down: When you hit the target of the shield, increase damage by 20%.

Indomitable Spirit: When below 30% HP, reduce damage taken by 25%.

Flame of Battle: Cause burning status when the skill hits a target, dealing damage equal to 10% of attack every 0.5 second.

Burning Spirit: When below 30% HP, increase damage by 25%.

Explosive Martial Artist: When you hit a target in continuous damage status, increase the damage you deal by 20%.

The speed race event XDiVE Maximum Race is now live through January 26 at 22:00 (UTC+8). This event is pretty much the same as the race mode in the challenge tab, but it incorporates the online ranking and points system from the Boss Rush Mode.

When it comes to the "point rewards", you can get 15 memories of the Nightmare sword, 130 EM and the usual rewards like Zenny or skill points. What's more, you can get card #74, Staring Dash that will increase your speed by 15% when entering a stage.

As for the online ranking, it's all about finishing the stage quicker than other players  to get some character/weapon patches and gift boxes.

This update brings new cards to the game: Z Saber (Z), Zero Knuckle, Cyber-elf and Ciel System. You can purchased them with arena and co-op tokens in the store.

Similar to the Mid-Summer Night Party or the Operation X'mas event, the Spring Festival event is a multi-week event that will last until February 24th. The current events are as follows:

1. Spring Chest of Good Fortune (Leviathan)

From today until January 27 at 15:59 at (UTC+8) you can purchase one Spring Chest of Good Fortune (Leviathan) using 30 lucky coupons and another extra chest using two Golden Lucky Coupons. The last ones can only be obtained in the store for 1000 EM (no paid) each, so in total you need to spend 2K EM to open that extra chest.

When you open the chest, you have 10% chance to get one of the following rewards:

  • Leviathan Memory x40
  • Nightmare Memory x40
  • Proficient Memory Card x150,000
  • Universal Star Up Card III x1
  • Element Metal x3,000
  • Character Patch Program x1,500
  • Weapon Patch Program x3,000
  • Shock Absorber x225,000
  • Leviathan Memory x20
  • Nightmare Memory x20

2. Good Luck Every day

For each day you login into the game and until February 24th, you will get one Lucky Coupon. There are 36 coupons in total.

3. Spring Capsule

The Spring Capsule is now live through February 27 at 23:59 (UTC+8). In this banner, you can only use Lucky Coupons or Golden Lucky Coupons to activate it. With the free Lucky Coupons, you can draw one time or ten times. If you're lucky enough to draw an S rank character or weapon, you will get one extra memory.

With the Golden Lucky Coupons, you can only draw ten times. If you draw an S rank character or weapon, you will receive 5 extra memories.

4. Spring of Good Fortune I

On top of the Lucky Coupons you get by logging into the game every day, additional coupons can be acquired by completing the following missions:

  • Correct 800 irregular data. ➔ Lucky Coupon x10
  • Conduct Research 25 Times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x4
  • Complete a BOSS challenge 42 Times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x3
  • [Daily] Use "X" and complete Story 1 time. ➔ Lucky Coupon x1
  • [Daily] Use "Zero" and complete Story 1 time.➔ Lucky Coupon x1

So basically, you have two choices: use your weekly coupons to buy a chest or use them in the Spring banner. In a week, you can get 38 coupons. The banner is not going away but the chest will change every week. It's best to think carefully before using your coupons.

Alternatively, you can also use one Lucky Coupon to buy x5000 Proficient Memory Cards (limited to 5) and x25 Skill points (limited to 5).

And that's all for this week! If you want to check the items added to the store, you can do so here. Let us know how you're going to manage your Lucky Coupons or if you had any luck in the Magma Dragoon banner!

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