Thursday, December 9, 2021

Unused Alternate Mega Man 3 Box Art (and More) Up for Auction

Looking to spice up your Mega Man collection a bit? A buddy of ours is looking to part ways with more than a dozen production and marketing cels. These were originally sent to video game magazines back in the day.

The lot includes logoless US NES box art, unused Wily Wars U.S box art (we've seen this one before), the full X3 print ad, and official character art. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is an alternate and ultimately unused version of Mega Man 3's US box art

Mega Man's face is decidedly creepy, among other small differences from the final version. It's little wonder why this went back to the drawing board. Also kinda unusual how late into the package's production the switcheroo was made. Perhaps a last minute decision on Capcom US's part. We may never know.

Anyway... grab some leftover Zenny (i.e a lot of dough) and check out the listings here


  1. To me, it looks very goofy, as does much of the anime art from the 80s and early 90s. To be honest, he looks far better in MM8 and MM11 box art, just as X, Zero, and Sigma look far better on PSX or PSX2 box art unlike X's and Sigma's goofy looking X1 art, I feel.

  2. These crusty 80s and 90s box arts bring me great joy.


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