Friday, December 17, 2021

Rockman 34th Anniversary News Recap

December 17 has come and gone in Japan. The Rockman series 34th anniversary and the Rockman X Series 28th anniversary celebrations are done and dusted. While nothing particularly big was announced (as expected), it's worth leaving a record of it.

Find all the details after the break!

Rockman Birthday "Lucky Bag" Campaign 2021

This is a raffle of 5 lucky bags which will increase up to 10 depending on the number of retweets this tweet gets. You have to follow Rockman Unity and Rockman X DiVE's Japanese Twitter account to be eligible. Suffice to say this is only for residents in Japan.

The lucky bags come packed with all kind of goodies. There's some "not for sale" Rockman X DiVE items, autographed T-shirts by Captune and even rare goods made in Japan and abroad.

The icing on the cake is the three shikishi from Yūshi Kawata and Yukito, authors of the Rockman-chan & san manga. These will be randomly inserted in a few lucky bags.

Rockman-chan and Rockman-san are jumping from the digital pages of Young Ace UP to a physical compilation with the releases on March 4th.

Both manga continue to be among the most popular series on Young Ace UP. Hopefully a western publisher picks them up! 

Next we have a special Rockman Birth Commemorative Camping at Capcom's online store. From today until January 19, the amount of points obtained for every purchase have been raised from 5% to 6.9%.

For costumers that purchase a selection of Rockman items, they will receive one of four new smartphone wallpapers. There will be a new wallpaper each week, so for those who want to collect all of them, you'll have to purchase something for four consecutive weeks. 

Not very consumer friendly but we are not missing anything, you can check three of the four wallpapers in the image above.

And speaking of wallpapers, the Rockman Unity app will end service on December 21. If you have been around for awhile, you will remember the numerous wallpapers it distributed for a few years.

Starting December 22, two types of Rockman folding storage boxes will be available at Capcom's amusement centers, Capcom Cafe and online crane game service Capcom Net Catcher.

The folding bags measure 45cm and are water proof so you can even use them as a laundry bag!

Rockman X DiVE won't be sitting out on the festivities either. And while Capcom Taiwan and NebulaJoy are doing something on their side, Capcom Japan have something different planned for their version.

Right off the bat players will get the following:
  • Super Rockman Memories x40
  • Blues Memories x40
  • DiVE Card Pack (Rockman) x5
  • S Rank Supply Box x10

From December 23 through January, players can get a "White Ticket" to activate the "Christmas White Capsule". Every ticket is worth 10 draws.

And several campaigns will be held for new players and inactive players that comeback to the game.

Hopefully the Taiwan version also gets the "Christmas White Capsule"

Lastly, Hitoshi Ariga shared on Twitter a few illustrations to celebrate the Rockman Series 34th Anniversary and the Rockman X Series 28th Anniversary.

That's all for this year. Funny enough the main attraction last year was the announcement of the Rockman-chan and san manga. This year the manga takes the spotlight with the announcement of a physical release too.


  1. The Chan and San manga tankoubon volumes will be available on digital too, like all the other series on Young Ace UP (Higurashi Gou, the authors' Evangelion series, among others).

  2. Meanwhile it's been some time since any updates on the Koto X2 model or Rockman.exe model.

  3. happy 34th anniversary megaman!!! :3(& 28th megaman x.)

  4. I hope we get something better (a new game) for 35th anniversary

    1. Funny they haven't shown one screen on it. If we are real lucky, it being AAA and therefore likely 3D, maybe it is a Legends 3 but they don't reveal it to avoid the same mistake in 2011 of getting hopes up only for it to be canned, and thus want to wait for it to be close to release before saying anything. wishful thinking, but one can hope. If they are smart, it best be something we like, ideally part of the main timeline and a canon game that feels like MM, like they actually used to do in the 90s and 2000s and did with MM11.

    2. I'm pretty sure MML3 won't sell 2 million in 3 years. Not even close.

  5. The Dropbox link in the Rockman Unity App wallpaper article says it's deleted!

    1. Check the Mega Man Wiki to get all the wallpapers. Search Rockman Unity.

  6. Man I wish they announce a new game already...
    Mega Man 11 broke my heart. Just as I accepted that the series died forever it gave me hope. Only for it to shatter again as it's been more than 3 years ever since

    I know that it's not much by video game standards (poor Metroid fans had to wait much longer..) but this is a series that had at least 2 games per year

  7. Not the biggest fan but i'd but em. If it had online chip trading that would be spiffy.

  8. Happy 34th anniversary, Megaman.
    One more year to 35th anniversary.

  9. Are they re-using the same image of Mega Man holding up a cake on a green background for each birthday? I swear I have an image of him from the 20th birthday. I don't mind it, but it's something I just noticed.

    1. No, they only used it once, it was me adding the 34 to the old image ;)


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