Monday, December 13, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - RiCO and Ciel Get Into the Holiday Spirit

It's that time of year. Last week saw the return of the "Merry Christmas!" event stage and the Christmas Leviathan gacha. This week, Rockman X DiVE spotlights a few additional holiday-themed characters and an event.

Find all the details after the break!

Christmas RiCO's first active skills is X'mas Stocking. This skill drops invisible X'mas Stockings that will detonate like a landmine when touched by a target. One of the skill cards will let the skill take one buff after hitting the target.

Her second active skill is X'mas Star. It summons a star that will fall down onto the enemy, spawning a giant Christmas tree. The tree causes area damage and reverses the targets movement.

Christmas Ciel first active skill is Reindeer-type Cyber-elf. This skill summons a cyber-elf that will automatically lock on to an enemy and provide support fire. One of the skill cards will increase damage dealt and reduce damage received. This is only applicable if the cyber-elf is within the field.

Her second active skill is X'mas Cyber Elf. This skill will summon Passy weilding a star which also provides support fire

The gacha banner will delivers a new spray called Guided Laser based on Fuse Man's design from Rockman 11. Alongside it, a new Christmas stage called "Toll of Christmas Bell from Afar" will be available starting this Wednesday through December 29.

As you can see in the video above, the boss is everything but new. Christmas Bit is back this year to cause more trouble and disappoint those expecting a new boss. Thanks a lot, Bit. 

Lastly, just like last year with RiCO,  ICO is posing with a "Papa Noel" costume for the new card "Merry Christmas 2021". It provides a unique skill that grants "40% enhanced damage when HP is below 50%".

And that's all for now until the New Year event is announced. Last year brought us New Year Cinnamon. Wonder what's gonna happen this time...

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