Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Rockman-san Chapter 15 Available Now

In Rockman-san's previous chapter, Rock and Gust Man teamed up to reduce the total number of robots inside the construction site. However, they had a strict deadline: 10 minutes. After that, the government would use anti-robot weapons to exterminate the "criminals" damaging innocent robots in the way.

Our heroes barely made it. Guts Man lost one of his legs, and Roll had to unlock Rock's full potential to fight a giant robot. What's more, Enker showed up to help and delivered the final blow!

However, Enker's intentions were not to save Rock and Guts Man for the sake of doing good. Rather, Enker wanted to ensure that he was the only one to destroy Rock, no one else. 

Now, in chapter 15 we get to watch the aftermath of the battle unfold! Rock and Guts Man get repaired and we get our first look at Rock suiting up as Rockman!

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