Thursday, December 16, 2021

The 2021 Mega Man Holiday Gift Guide (BigBadToyStore)

As the year comes to an end, you may still be looking for that perfect Mega Man-themed gift for a loved one. Or for yourself. Whatever the case, you're in luck -- our friends at BigBadToyStore are here to help. 

After the break below, we'll go over some of the items that are currently in stock and a few goodies up for pre-order. You might find this especially useful if you live in the U.S -- no importing necessary! 

Mega Man X 1/12 Scale Model Kit (Reissue)

We've already covered this guy in the past, so I'll be brief. The re-issue of Kotobukiya's Mega Man X is finally in stock and ready to ship! If you haven't jumped on the Kotobukiya Mega Man X line, now's the chance. This is the perfect kit to start your collection (not to mention pretty easy to build).

Mega Man SDCC 2016 Excusive 1:1 Scale Wearable Helmet (Red)

Mega Man 1:1 Scale Wearable Helmet (Pink)

Do you or someone you know want to feel like Mega Man? Or maybe you just want something cool to put on your shelf? Then these helmets are for you! 

Not only can you wear 'em, but they feature LED lights to help sell the idea that you - yes, you --  are the Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man! The interiors on these helmets are softly padded on the inside, so you can rest assured that you'll be comfortable while you stop Dr. Wily again or take Rush for a walk.

Mega Man Stubbins Mega Man Plush

Don't you just wanna give him a hug? This adorable plush measures at 6-inches tall; that's a lot of cuteness packed into a tiny package. This guy is made to sit upright on flat surfaces; a perfect addition to your desk to keep you company and probably brighten your day. I mean, look at him.

Mega Man Pixel Frames Boss Fight (6x6)

Mega Man 2 Lantern Fish Pixel Frame (9x9)

These are really neat 3D art pieces, and they look great in person! Using three layers of art to create a sense of depth, these pieces can add a nice touch to your fine-art display on your wall or shelf. Whether you wanna keep it Classic or take it to the neXt level, there's a little something here for everyone.

Mega Man X Mega Man Enamel Pin

Mega Man X Zero Enamel Pin

These enamel pins can be added to a bag or a board -- perfect to represent that Maverick Hunter spririt. Each pin measures roughly 1.7 inches and has a nice and shiny epoxy finish. Are you part of the 17th Elite Unit or the 0th Special Unit? Why not both?

BigBadToyStore have several more Mega Man items that are ready to order. You know, stuff like shirts and statues that weren't shown here. Check 'em out! 

Also, for those who don't mind a bit of a wait or get some holiday money and need something to spend it on, BBTS has some Kotobukiya kits on pre-order that are exclusive to certain Japanese stores but also available there.

Mega Man X (Premium Charge Shot Ver.) 1/12 Scale Model Kit (Reissue)

The Charge Shot X is a real looker! The kit has a special coating on that reflects different colors depending on how the light hits it! The color effect is quite the sight. This kit comes with an effect part that represents the charge shots from Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 (as opposed to the normal X kit that has a charge shot representing Mega Man X4). This kit is a treat to the eyes -- don't miss out!

Mega Man X3 (Max Armor Hyperchip Ver.) 1/12 Scale Model Kit

Go for the gold! When you gotta have more power, take it to the Hyper Max! The gold armor from Mega Man X3 has always had a very striking look. And now you can put it on your shelf! Max Armor (or Third Armor, if you prefer) Hyperchip Ver. comes with a Cross Charge Shot effect. It really drives home the feeling that X is at his full potential!

That's all for this one. Be sure to check out BigBadToyStore using our special link so they know we sent ya. If you're planning on getting something, shout it out in the comments! 


  1. I wish I had the blue helmet... I have no desire for a pink one. The red one would be fine, but really it has to be blue.

    1. Considering these were over $100 new (were they $150?) I'd say $50 is pretty good. I've been tempted by the red one for many years, and this is the cheapest I've seen it. Seems like BBTS just can't get rid of these two colors.

    2. I'm a big fan of Rush, so I'm fine with red. But I really wish I knew how long the sale was good for, wallets being stretched during Christmas and all.

    3. @Hypershell,

      They have been trying to get rid of those helmets for a long time.
      I think you will find the prices very similar for the foreseeable future...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The hands are properly scaled if that helps.

    2. For the character or actual proportions? His hand would cover more than his face, so I don't feel like it's the latter.

    3. Looking at the D-Arts one I have, I'm not sure anymore. :B I guess they count the helmet as part of his face. That's a derp on my part.

    4. The proportions are correct for Mega Man. They always had large hands *cough*


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