Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Brings "Skin Store", "DNA System" and "Guild System" to Mega Man X DiVE

The Christmas event kicked off in Rockman X DiVE last week. This week, it's the Global Version's turn to celebrate its first Christmas holiday-themed event ever. Better yet, a myriad of new content and systems are available this week too.

Find all the details after the break!

The "Merry Christmas!" event stage goes live this Wednesday on all servers, granting players the opportunity to get Bit for free after reaching the required points. Further, you'll be able to get the "Merry Christmas" card which carries the skill Divine Night Blessing. It decreases damage received by 40% when your HP is below 50%.

In terms of the characters, the main highlight is Christmas Leviathan. Her active skills are Ice Javelin and Ice Ring. Her passive skills will provide means to slow down the target, recover HP, and increase the number of Ice Crystals when using the Ice Ring skill.

Bit active skills are Forward Slash and Bind Ring. His passive skills will reduce the preparation time, flight speed and add a tracking effect of his active skill Bind Ring. Lastly, when causing immobile status or hitting a target that is immobile, your movement speed will increase by 30% thanks to the Nightmare Police passive skill.

This week brings the "skin store" to the game. The following skins will be available from the get-go:

  • Iron Maiden Cinnamon - 1600 EM
  • Christmas Ferham - 1600 EM or 960 Paid EM
  • Christmas Bit - 1200 EM
  • X M.K. Ver. - 1200 EM
  • X M.K. Ver. X-Boost - 1200 EM
  • Quicksilver Marino - 1200 EM (LATAM and EU Servers)
  • Iris SE_DiVE Ver. - 960 Paid EM
  • Ultimate Armor X AC ver. - 960 Paid EM

Mega Man X DiVE is making a big leap this week with the introduction of the DNA Code system, the Guild system and new story mode chapters. There's also a huge amount of new levels for Jakob, interface and gallery upgrades and various incentives for new players.

The LATAM server has been relishing in this since Monday. The NA an EU servers are set to follow suit on Wednesday.

There is an issue with this update and controllers won't work but NebulaJoy is working to fix it as soon as possible.

The DNA Code System will let you upgrade your characters. It's very in-depth  so we won't explain everything here. The big selling point, however, is that characters can acquire 3 new permanent skills called "fixed DNA". There's also a set of 5 random skills called "recombined DNA", and another set of 5 inherited skills transferred from another character's "recombined DNA".

For now, only a select pool of characters can access their respective fixed and recombined DNA. Additional characters will be added in the future.

Although the development team are providing us with a little bit of the new consumables required to use the DNA Code system, the main juice comes from character memories. I hope you have a good reserve of those for your favorite characters!

If you want to read all the details about how the system works, you can do so here !

In terms of the Guild System t
o create or join a guild, players need to be at least level 30. In order to create your own guild, you will have to pay 500 EM. From that point on you can invite up to 9 players, set a custom message or set conditions that need to be met in order to join the guild. (example: a "power requirement") Other players can freely join your guild upon the guild leader acceptance, too.

By donating Zenny, guild members can obtain rewards such as single cards, card packs, skill points, EM or weapon boxes among other things. The daily goals that will dictate the amount of rewards are 1, 100k, 400k and 1000k Zenny.

From time to time a guild boss will be available. Guild members will fight the boss in the same fashion as a typical Raidboss. What's more, players can gain buffs by defeating lesser bosses that appear alongside the main boss.

The first guild boss is Wolf Sigma with Chill Penguin and Goliath as the lesser bosses.

And that's all for this year! 2022 will start strong with the Auspicious of the New Year event stage and New Year Cinnamon!

Disclaimer: The skin prices in this article has been provided by NebulaJoy, any last minute change is outside our control or responsibility.


  1. I really hate to admit this, but… those skins are actually extremely affordable. It doesn't take much time to earn a thousand free Elemental Metals, and that's a better value than spending it on "a chance of a chance" for your favorite character or weapon.

    The rest of that stuff, I can take or leave. I'm never terribly social in online games.

    1. Wait, hang on. I missed something.

      "There is an issue with this update and controllers won't work but NebulaJoy is working to fix it as soon as possible."

      Wow. I can kind of understand how the Darkman event with Rush got messed up, and I can somewhat understand using the wrong music for the wrong event, but… how do you swing a blunder this huge? I hope everyone get some serious compensation for this screw-up.

      Also just noticed, the one skin I'd really want is Paid EM only. Naturally…

  2. Iron Maiden? EXCELLENT!! *plays air guitar*

    Man, I didn't expect the DNA system to come this quickly. I thought my character fragment data was safe other than building up Cinnamon's stars (got Iris at 5* and Black Zero at 4* already). Oh well. The Guild System will be nice to explore since I barely touched it on Taiwan. This actually feels like NebulaJoy is stepping it up in trying to "catch up" to the Taiwan version. But it is a shame they already stopped the extra daily stamina rewards, so leveling up has become more of a grind, and honestly they REALLY should have fixed controller support before releasing the update; that's going to be painful.

  3. Did you miss the paid EM skins? That's about 40USD right off rip for UAX. All it does is change my color!

  4. Wow talk about a huge screw up! According to the official discord the controller compatibility won't work for a couple of days because of the big update? Are you straight up trying to kill the game?! What's the point of having all this crap early if it means we have to use horrid touchscreen controls the game the game is barely playable with?

  5. Damn, the day I finally land Zero(Z) is the day controller support is busted.

    Sometimes life man....


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