Monday, December 13, 2021

Here's the Cover for "Ryo Takamisaki Rockman Works SSR"

If those recent preview pages weren't enough for ya, Fukkan just unveiled the cover design for Ryo Takamisaki Rockman Works SSR. It features three incarnations of our hero, each representing a different manga inside this massive tome: Shooting Star Rockman 3, Rockman 11 and the brand-new "Forte: Time of Reunion" one-shot.

Worth pointing out - and you may have noticed this as well - but the cover looks a little... off? It's not quite up to par with Takamisaki's previous handiwork. The title logo, lighting effects and finer details like classic Rockman's foot appear unfinished. Bit of a head-scratcher, no?

It's possible Fukkan uploaded an early work-in-progress version as a placeholder or by mistake. Given that Takimisaki hasn't posted the cover art to his Twitter at this time, it's possible Fukkan might have jumped the gun. 

Quality aside, SSR is shaping up to be a very nice book. If you have the means to do so, you can pre-order it directly from Fukkan or import it from CD Japan.

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