Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Men Who Made Rockman Part 2 Now Available in English

Hitoshi Ariga's The Men Who Made Rockman manga received its first ever English fan-translation in October. And as of today, the second part is available to read too! (courtesy of Azure Wind Productions)

Part 2 kicks things off with Keiji Inafune (alias: Kenji Izumi) and Akira Kitamura (alias: Shinmei) coming up with a Boss Character Design Contest for a hypothetical Rockman 2. However, they can't begin developing the game in earnest just yet. Shinmei has to convince his boss - a tough-as-nails suit wary of Rockman 1's tepid sales -- to greenlight the sequel. 

After some back and forth, Shinmei gets the O.K... but there's a tiny a caveat! Shinmei and co., who are already scheduled to work on a completely different project, have to finish Rockman 2 in half the time it would take to normally develop an action game. Oh dear!

Yeah; you already know the outcome to this story. There'd be no Mega Man today if they weren't successful. But The Men Who Made Rockman is a fun read. Ariga's passion for the blue bomber practically leaps off every page. You can tell just how thrilled he was to tell this story back in 1995.

Check out part 2 here and if you're just joining us, hit up the first part here!

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