Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Rockman X DiVE Steam Version Confirmed for September (Asia)

We've known for awhile that a Steam version of Rockman X DiVE was coming. And now, we have the official word from Capcom Taiwan. The game will land on Steam this month!

Find all the details after the break!

Screenshot from the Steam Version.

First and foremost, we have to talk about availability. Initially the game will be available in the following countries: Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, India.

According to the development team on the (geo-blocked) Steam page, players who have been playing the mobile version on the Asian server will be able to bind their Steam Account and continue playing with their current progress.

System requirements are as follows:

Judging by the images provided on the Steam page, it doesn't look like there are any substantial visual improvements over the mobile version. Of course, we will have to wait and see if they intend on taking advantage of PC hardware even in the slightest. At least this version will support some console gamepads natively, as we mentioned before.

Now, the important question here is if this version will be available locally in North America and Europe. With Global version of the game already up and running in NA and some countries (with more to come), it's worth mentioning again that NebulaJoy don't have the Steam version on their agenda.

So as things stands today, your best bet to play the Steam version is through a VPN... which is unfortunately against Steam's TOS. So... we'll see, I guess.


  1. you can bind a steam account, but can you unbind a steam account?

  2. … what the hell? 10-20 GB of storage space? For what…? 4-6 GB of RAM…? 3.2 to 3.5 GHz CPU?! Why are the system requirements so bloated when compared to the mobile versions that only require 1.8 GB of system space and a minimum of iOS 9 or AndroidOS 5? That's stupid and it makes no sense. It's a freaking port or a freaking mobile game made in freaking Unity…!

    1. Sounds like bloatware. Luckily I have no interest in playing this 'not so Megaman' game (videos of it are not appealing, though some dialog is somewhat interesting). Give me a legit main timeline canon non-4th wall series game with many new characters and material (most new MM games have lots of all new enemies and stuff) like they did in the 90s and 2000s; not gacha that sure 'gotcha' to a lot of people, which seems like the gameplay revolves around points and money. Just like I played Command Mission and had to take that back in 2004 since the gameplay 'turn based' bores me and kind of pissed me off and too much luck based play vs live action platformer (if they combined that CM story with MMX gameplay, it would have been so much better). This game is not really MM for other reasons, and I never touched games like MM soccer or racing ones. I think 2 years of this Dive stuff is enough already and a distraction when we should be getting info and focus on actual MM games. Not one peep of an X9, MM12, ZX3, and Legends 3, stuff that would truly interest me and most of us here. Even additional series between ZX and Legends would be fine since a lot of untold story and time gap between those 2 series. These days I just play games on Steam, a source port for some PC games with fan mods or fan campaigns, like Doom and Freespace 2, or emulators.

    2. Random point-of-clarification: The install requirement for iOS is about 1.72 GB for the app, but there's another 1.09 GB of "documents and data" – which basically means patch data and the like. So, the Steam version is still about ten times bigger than the mobile version for no known reason.

      @Gary Daniel
      It's a 2D-style Mega Man X game, through-and-through. You can play it with a controller and it looks and feels like the classic games. You also don't have to spend real money on it at all. I'm currently at World 10 in the story mode without ever spending a cent. The only thing is… if you don't spend a little money here-and-there, you're going to be "underpowered" for pretty much everything in Story Mode. What this means is that enemies like Bone Battons take several hits to kill, humanoid enemies and Ride Armors take several seconds to destroy, and bosses and mini-bosses take an unreasonably long time to defeat even with powerful weapons like Bazookas and Sniper Busters.

      It's definitely a patient person's game, if you want to play for free. And I do, and I have been. So… there's that.

    3. I've seen and read about it, but it is a non-canon 4th wall X game that is rehashing mostly old characters and surely not and X9. also to be honest, I prefer even the SNES X games' explosion effects over this. I think you and I agree that we would both prefer an X9, but I admit it was nice of them to not make it mobile-centric. I also admit the art isn't bad. I saw the X5 final Sigma W fight, and seeing how it operated just didn't feel like MMX. More like striking the enemy boss to see how fast or how many points one can collect, the battle just ended, no explosion, no story dialog. It just isn't the same as a legit X sequel. I'm not saying it can't be fun though.

    4. I mean, that's understandable, but it does not take the fact that its a Gacha and supporting predatory tactics will only make enterprises consider to convert their franchises to this kind of new fad.
      Look at Castlevania for example...


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