Monday, September 6, 2021

A Closer Look at Unreleased Ruby-Spears Mega Man Toys

Daniel "Protoman"Arseneault of the Mega Man/Rockman Toys & Merchandise Facebook group has passed along a fun bit of history. It's a Japanese magazine clipping showing off a handful of unreleased Mega Man toys from Bandai's Ruby-Spears line! 

A low-res version of this page appeared on Joey's Mega Man Corner decades ago. However, Daniel scanned it in a much higher resolution and even translated it! We get a good look and descriptions for the unreleased Stealth Mega Man, Sky Mega Man, and Dive Mega Man figures. The Deluxe Mega Man and the Land Blazer vehicles are here, too. I don't believe it was ever confirmed that the later could "transform." Neat!

Although it isn't uncommon for sample or pre-production Mega Man toys to pop up online, these particular products have yet to be found. A few  showed up at the 1995 Toy Fair and... that was that. So until they're found in a dusty warehouse or something, this clipping is all we got.

Check out the Mega Man/Rockman Toys & Merchandise Club for more rare goodies!


  1. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping it up after all this time. I've really enjoyed your finds like this over the years.

  2. Sky Meggim looks kind of interesting. Stealth Mega Man feels weird and low-effort.

  3. I got the Air Raider a few months ago from E Bay

  4. I got the Air Raider a few months ago

  5. that's cool as i always loved the megaman cartoon(the closest capcom cartoon in feel to the games though find the darkstalkers cartoon a guilty pleasure for including trouble man from the games/ova's & scott mcneil as lord raptor.:3) even if nowadays i wish we got/hope we get one with designs like the original pilot even if it's promotional like what kof 15 is doing.

  6. I love the ruby/spears figures when I can find em for reasonable prices. They're sturdy and well made. Would have LOVED a full sized version of Ice Man and Roll.


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