Saturday, September 4, 2021

Rockman X DiVE "DiVE Armor X" Early Designs and Concept Art

Released earlier this week, the new S rank DiVE Armor X is an original character whose origins can be traced back to the level 70 armor set from 2020. With its cool, sprawling holographic wings, the armor inspiried a wave of fan-art almost instantaneously. It quickly became a fan-favorite. 

Yesterday, the development team shared early designs and concept art from Keisuke Mizuno in the latest  Maverick Information video entry. And today, by way of the Official Facebook Page, we have an even better look at those design sheets! There's even a small interview with Keisuke Mizuno itself, too.

See and read all about it below!


Mr. Mizuno, the artist of CAPCOM, came up with his own opinion and the how his design would tend to be in the future after he designed DiVE armor X this time.

What is the design concept of DiVE Armor X this time?

"One day when I wanted to commit the new original armor of X in game, I proposed an idea, “​​How would it be if I use the icons of the equipment as design inspiration?”; and Mr. Yoda also agreed with that, so I chose one of them as the modeling of the armor. Maybe it can be also committed on Zero or Axl in the future.

Are there any key attention point during the period you designed?

I adjusted some parts of the original design of the icon size equipment picture when I graphed it as the armor. In addition, according to the character’s setting, I added in much eye-catching elements that were never been seen in the series before, such as floating wings, glowing inside the armor and at the joints.

Because the in-game settings such as skills were done after the modeling is finalized, an armor with greater flexible was designed which its wing-like special effects can be changed freely, sprinting, flying, or using hand cannon; also, it can use a skill like his clones as a decoy to induce the opponents to attack them.

What kind of armor may Mr. Mizuno would like to graph in the future?

If it's an existing armor, I really like the original modeling of the intermediate armor that appeared in the X8. I want to know how it would feel to be presented in my own style.

If it is an original design like this time, I really hope that each character can have their own original armor. I also want to see Sigma's X DiVE look.

Personally, I think it would be interesting if RiCO put on the super-heavy armor of the Ultimate Armor X CM.

About the armor of X in the future, no matter whether they are possible to be installed or not, I think there are some innovative part, for example, a part of the armor can be separated into a support aircraft, or it can attack with anti-gravity action; equipping the anchor that can pull over the opponents outside the screen, or the ability to change the terrain, etc., if you have these peculiar special skills, it should be very interesting.

It is full of possibilities!


Indeed, the future of Rockman X DiVE is brimming with possibilities. As the game grows, we're witnessing more original designs like iCO, Another Iris or DiVE Armor X (not to mentioning the seasonal characters). With Mizuno willing to give us new takes on Zero, Axl or even Sigma, you can bet there's plenty of surprises awaiting us around the corner!

I don't know about you, but my appetite for a hypothetical Rockman X DiVE artbook grows with each new character release...With more than 80 characters available and countless concept art sheets, unused designs and tales from the art team, perhaps the time is right for an artbook.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a Rockman X DiVE artbook? 


  1. generic "cyber" wings, almost no original elements and goofy jet boosters that look more stupid than super jet rush, a robot design made much earlier than X. the best way to describe this armor is that it's neither cool nor at least funny - it's an utter mess that looks goofy at best and mediocre at worst. the original artwork for it shown in the announcement was just unoriginal, but things like those jet boosters, wings and rocket launchers are just... no.

    1. Good lord, what I wouldn't do for the Zelda fandom, or at least Pokemon.... Maybe not Pokemon that's a bit too fanatical.

      Any wooo outside of that reply. Sick armor (any time Capcom/Keisuke Mizuno illustrates and designs something Rockman-ish and not idol master nonesense I'm going to give him positive reinforcement) especially when they are this good.

    2. i assume by idol master you mean those swimsuits and all that character stuff... yeah it's lame, but i am not going to give a pass to a ugly and unoriginal, goofy looking armor with generic cyber effects that were idiotic looking even in 2004 games. i didn't give glide armor a pass, either, and a lot of armor designs in the series overall are either uninspired or ugly IMO
      as for the good ones, X1, X5 and X6.
      X3 is just way too much, even if it's bull-like look in the artwork is nice, it ends up looking ugly in the spritework - opposite for X4, looks good in sprites but ugly in artwork. X2 is sort of decent, but i feel like it's sprites are just really inaccurate to how it's supposed to look.

    3. i think it is good it stands out from the same design x look like another gundam which X3 armor was a gundam

  2. I think the final result is better than the concepts, although I could do without the added things like the wings on the back, one thing I think is sometimes forgotten is, less is more. Other than that, pretty cool.

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  4. I'd love an artbook! While I was waiting for the global release I was enjoying the new art for the game every week. New armors for other characters would be cool, I'd love to see some for the Command Mission cast (especially Spider as his Hyper Mode is bland, but he's not even in DiVE yet...)

  5. It's looks pretty cool, but the real appeal of any armor is what it can do. If there's going to be an art book for X DiVE then I'd like to see a lot of action poses, like we saw for the original SNES games or the original Mega Mission run. Other than that, it doesn't quite blow my socks off.


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