Thursday, May 14, 2020

Layer Added to Rockman X DiVE + Major Content Update Details

Roughly teased a week ago, the first major content update for Rockman X DiVE is finally here. A highly fan-requested character was added as well: the final Navigator from Rockman X8... Layer!

What's more, the content update brings a lot of new elements to the game and a variety of events to help players get extra rewards. While some features are available now, other will arrive at a later date as this update is meant to be released gradually. In the meantime, you can check out all the content that was released today below!

Layer is available through the gacha system between today and May 21st at 09:59:59 (UTC +8)

Here are her skills:


Swing the sabre to inflict 181.44% attack damage to target within the area, and use consecutive lunges to continuously deal damage.


Expand a beam of light to continuously deal 80.64% attack damage to targets within reach.

Moving on to the content update, the level cap has been raised to 70. With this we will not only be able to craft level 70 armor, but also fully upgrade weapons which require the player to be at level 63.

"The Lab" can now leveled up to the fourth level giving us the chance to craft S rank weapons memories for the first time. These are the Crimson Scythe and Beam Machine Gun. Additional, we can craft Precision Material Boxes with Zenny and the materials Electronic Storage Bottle and Electronic Conversion Bottle.

Sting Chameleon, REX-2000 and Mad Nautilus have been added to the Boss Challenge Mode. The chips for Mad Nautilus and Boomerang Kuwanger are now viewable but not able to be unlock for the time being.

Dr. Light's Lab

The Dr. Light Lab system is a new feature that lets you craft rewards such as Armor Parts, Proficient Memory Cards and Zenny, among other things. Most importantly, though, you can craft the S rank memories First Armor X and Extraordinary Mortar for a limited number of times.

By completing stages from Story Mode, you get "Colored Program Segments" that can be combined to create the rewards mentioned above. For example, combining 6 Red, 9 Green, 6 Blue and 9 Yellow Segments yields 5 memories of the Extraordinary Mortar.

If you discover these combinations quickly, you can opt-in to a ranking to get Elemental Metal when the event is over. The event "The Experiment Plan" is running in parallel, too, which allows you to collect even more rewards based on the number of "experiments" and "best result experiments" you conducted.

The Dr. Light Lab will be closed on May 20th at 16:00 (UTC +8).

New Stages

The seventh stage for the story mode, Area Forest based on Area A from Rockman ZX, has been added with this update and the sixth stage from Story Mode, Sky now can be played on hard mode to obtain new materials to upgrade your arsenal. Lastly, Gallery is the new co-op stage for players level 65 and 70.


A wide variety of refinements has been added to the game:
  • Invisible frames has been added after receiving damage
  • Character basic animation & skill improvements. Check HERE for all the details
  • Capsule draw rates has been improved from 3% to 4.5% on S rank characters and weapons.
  • A button to give AP to all your friends at the same time added.
  • The left side menu on the main screen is open by default.
  • Added support for more gamepads.
  • Modifier detection improvement.
  • Fixed some game crashing issues.
  • Added customizable function to the direction keys.

Many events have been added with this update as well. A daily login bonus event to celebrate the release of this major update -- which give players 900 EM among other things -- and rewards when you reach a specific level and rewards for completing stages in Story Mode.

For players that purchase Elemental Metal using real money, they will get a boost in the Elemental Metal received and the chance to enter a lucky draw to win Layer, Proto Man and Roll. Additionally, they can also win a new weapon, the Air Buster, which is based on Air Man's design and the Scarlet Tyrant which is already in the game.

For all the specific details of this events, please check the official site!

And last but not least, Capcom Taiwan are teasing again the crossover event between the Classic Series and Rockman X DiVE that will bring Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll and a well-known boss from the Classic Series to the Deep Log. The release date has yet to be revealed, but  they are likely to come next week when the Layer banner is over on Thursday. You can take a peek at the trio in action here.

The Jakob Orbital Elevator is also marked as "coming soon", too. Based on what they have shown in a recent stream, though, it will likely become available on June 4th.

Of course, this is not the end of this "major content update". Again, it's a multi-part update that will bring more content down the line. We're expecting the addition of  Story Mode Stage 8, Player Level 80, another stage for co-op, new armor and more. We will keep you posted as soon as the development team makes an announcement!


  1. I'm not gonna start the whole "US when" rant...

    I hope Capcom takes all these 3D resources and remakes X2-X8 ala Irregular Hunter X
    ESPECIALLY X5-X7. Though, in all honesty, X4 needs it too.
    They could merge the stages into complete stages instead of halves, they could get rid of Alia's annoying interruptions in X5, they could retcon X6 and X7 to make sense ON TOP of making them decent to play in general...
    They could flesh out the end game stages so they aren't bare bones...
    All with these neat 3D models.

    I mean, Capcom Taiwan is already doing most of the work, so...

    1. i completely agree i hope we do get a revival of maverick hunter x(along with that same style for classic megaman like was planned.) as x4-x7 really need that treatment(imo x3 as well since that game had problems with its music,damage,the final boss sucked,and the story could use a revamp as dr. doppler's actions really don't matter to the series even by it's standards and vile could have a better presence than he does with how his mode in maverick hunter x painted him.)

  2. Do we know of the megaman classic characters will stay after the event? I suppose no, Ultimate Armor X is no more there so yeah for classic characters, gonna save my gems to them, like that, i could have finaly my "Rockman Online" style game ;)
    The content is awesome, a lot of modes and i hope they will add more stages again soon! We will see.
    The new coop stage with the mecha who try to crush you, is very cool! We need really this kind of stuff for a megaman game, not only sp jump/shooting.
    Much to do in the game for now anyway!

    1. Ferham and Giga Armor X is also gone. Lets wait for them to be available again.

  3. Anyone got Light Lab recipes?

  4. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!(to both layer & the classic characters finally making it in.:3) now we just need spider/espilon,legends,zx(since s lot of it's stages are showing up it's only a matter of time.) and zero/maybe battle network & star force.

  5. Well-well-well! Little Miss Fan Service, herself, finally joins the fray, complete with her spray-tan and questionable fashion choices~!

    Nah, seriously, it's good to see the full team in playable form. Even if I don't like Layer's design, I like her character. She coo'.

    Wonder how she's gonna get along with Iris, though…

  6. Still no global release date?

    1. Nope. The game is on Sigma Virus lock down.

  7. Alia > Layer

    But i'm happy for those who wanted her, it was pretty weird she wasn't with Alia and Palette on day one.

    1. i like layer more than alia(though i really love alia as well mostly in x8 and x6 where she was the one good thing in that game to me along with the music.:3) but i'm happy to see the navigators playable again(really hope this and the other playable characters/ideas from this are made into an x9 or revival of the maverick hunter x games as that had a lot of potential to streamline the games for newcomers.:3)


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