Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Up Close And Personal With Kotobukiya Roll

Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale Roll model finally went on sale last week in Japan, and for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to have it in our hands right now, we've got some great high quality shots of the figure in action for you to admire.

This Japanese blog has taken the liberty of snapping several photos of the fully constructed model in all its glory. There's quite a few of them, too, so check out the preceding link for the full set and below for a small morsel.

As mentioned earlier, the Roll model kit is on sale now. You can find a list of importers currently selling the figure here. Also, bear in mind, we're probably seeing this one, along with her brothers, on our shores in Summer, so you may want to reconsider importing. 

Thanks for the tip, Adam!


  1. It's like the same price to import them as it will be to buy them locally. The markup is fairly high on the US models, at least compared to Ami-Ami. Unless the US store gives free shipping....

  2. ...that absolute last photograph is just... So... Wrong, but hilarious! All of those photos really show just how poseable and dynamic Roll is, but that very last one is just so silly I couldn't help but laugh. Bad Rock, bad! XD

  3. XD

    Meggy's innocence is the only thing that makes that funny... But it is.

  4. This model is friggin' adorable. Might get this as a present for my fiance.

  5. Oh man, Roll looks so adorable, this is the cutest toy I've ever seen, I definitely want this!


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