Thursday, January 6, 2011

Outlook Not Good For Mega Man In MvC3

Mega Man fans might have to make do with just Tron Bonne and Zero when it comes to MM series reps for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3...

The unveiling of two new characters at the Consumer Electronic Show today, Mike Haggar and Phoenix, and the abrupt removal of a leaked Akuma screenshot, support a leaked character roster from a few weeks back that had a few glaring character omissions, most notably Mega Man himself.

The roster leak, hailing from a now defunct Twitter account but archived over at Shoryuken, has been  spot on as of late with a 100% accuracy of all recent announcements. According to the original leak, Mega Man was ruled out early in the game's development because he brought nothing new or unique to the game. To compensate, Capcom put in Arthur as a replacement because he shares a similar play style with Mega Man.

If we seriously consider the accuracy of these leaks, then things aren't looking too hot for Mega Man.  It's a pretty complex saga, all these leaks. Reader Steven Chase has compiled all relevant information in a great post over at his website, so do go their if you're seeking out more, in-depth information concerning the "predictions" of that ominous Twitter leaker.

While Mega Man may be MIA now, there's still a sliver of hope that he might be included as DLC in the future. Maybe. I'm sure if there's enough demand, Capcom will look into it.

Full story available at Steven Chase & His Silly Pretentious Brain

Thanks Charles and Steven!


  1. What the heck.

    Why have Megaman characters and not Megaman?


  2. well that stinks. It's like a crime to not have MM.

  3. Sssoooooo Mega seems to be out of the main rooster, but somehow Spiderman is still in?


  4. And just when it was looking like Capcom actually doesn't have some irrational, intense dislike for Mega Man... this happens.

    They really do jerk us Mega Man fans around. Sucks to see Capcom have so little regard for one of their main mascot characters that they leave him out of their premiere crossover fighting game, while still including other characters from his franchise (most who's so overrated it's not even funny).

  5. Anybody remember how things looked like for Yatterman-2 when TvC:UAS was coming out? This really reminds me of that, and about how much I was losing hope of her being in, but eventually, just before the game came out, she was finally revealed. So, hey, ya never know.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I remember Niitsuma say something about how "Mega Man fans will have to wait a little longer" and how "Mega Man would be closest to his original personality". What do those things mean if Mega Man truly isn't in the game?

  6. Wow. Recently, it seems like there's just been one disappointment after another in the Capcom/Mega Man fandom.

  7. @Anonymous 1
    You've obviously never played Right and Wily's RockBoard: That's Paradise!. X3

    That aside, I'm kind of sad that Rock won't be in the game (at least not immediately, if at all), but hey! Mayor Mike-freakin'-Haggar! :D

  8. Capcom just lost a sale.

  9. Capcom's agenda with this game is to appeal to the hardcore audience, ffffellas. Megaman just isn't that dark, you know? I wouldn't take it so personally. Besides, we have Zero and Tron, right? And if Megaman DID come out, he'd look shittier than Zero's model, for sure.

    Consider this a blessing. Megaman belongs in 8-bit, and in Inafune's hands.

  10. I don't believe those twitter updates that supposedly leaked the character roster. Let's take a look back to the past.1) This dude's saying that Hsien-Ko will be in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Remember Capcom said that Morrigan and Felicia were the only Darkstalkers characters to be in the game?2) He claims that Human Torch was originally to be playable, but now he might only be DLC. If you go on Wikipedia, you'll see it's been announced that none of the Fantastic 4 will be in.3) On G4, there was an interview with someone that was working on MVC3. He said that they wanted for there to be 30 (maybe it was 50) characters. Now, I'm pretty sure that the announced characters plus the "leaked" ones together don't add up to 30, let alone 50. I really hope you guys get to read this.

  11. Capcom will make the biggest mistake ever if megaman is not in the game.

  12. Niitsuma's comment about Mega Man fans not having to wait much longer was about Zero. The comment about his personality? No idea what you're talking about.

    Yatterman-2 is a different situation altogether. All five US TvC inclusions were leaked on the website, and then IGN caused up uproar after the Joe/Zero reveal when they said it was "the last two."

    Unless Capcom responds to the uproar over no Mega Man by including him as DLC, he's not in. That's pretty definite at this point.

    I find it a bit surprising Megs didn't make it too. Tron's inclusion is probably solely on the Servbots' popularity as Capcom's new mascot, although MML3's hype doesn't hurt. And Zero is the only character who got his own spin-off series followed by a spin-off series about kids who turn into him. No surprise those two are in.

    But in terms of uninteresting gameplay and the argument of which Mega Man to use, I can see why he didn't make it then. (Although I do wonder what kind of unique gameplay opportunities Akuma offers.)

  13. Protodude, I have a big correction to make. That now deleted Twitter account is NOT where the leak originated from, it was just someone making **** up based on the actual leak by Lupinko, whose Twitter account is still active, so the whole Megaman being ruled out early because of bringing nothing unique to the game is pure bs.

    @Clown Prince of Crime

    The biggest difference is that Yatterman-2 was leaked ever since TvC got a website.

  14. Taiyou, it's klenox22's account that made these relevant predicitions.

  15. @jinb0 No, it was lupinko first. A swarm of other Twitter users like Klennox followed. I believe Klennox said we'd get Hsein-Ko and Phoenix and Jump Festa, but we didn't

  16. @Omar

    "Consider this a blessing. Megaman belongs in 8-bit, and in Inafune's hands."

    It does not have to be that way. Don't be such a conservatist fuck. Why are there still conservative asses like you in the Classic fandom?

    I don't even need to explain why it doesn't have to be that way. It's basically the same reason cars shouldn't always be oil-powered: because there will be (and there WERE) more efficient ways to enhance the Jump-N-Shoot gameplay without limiting it inside a retro nostalgia fad. Because at the end, it's just that: a fad. But Classic MM fans are just ignorant bastards, who can't get out of the same NES gameplay.

    8-bit MM9 and the 8-bit fangaem fad are the worst thing that could've happened to the Classic fandom. Sometimes, I don't even know why I'm still interested in MM news.

    And BTW, Inafune itself didn't make all Rockman games. The whole franchise is the result of TEAMWORK. People seem to be giving Inafune too much credit these days. He alone didn't even create Rockman.

  17. I didn't know Paperacechase had his own website...

  18. So we're stuck with Tron and Zero? Wow... they're intentionally pissing off the fans, aren't they?

    "Megaman brings nothing new to the series"? And Tron does? Spiderman does? Capt. America does?

    Here's a noodler: why do MvC games only feature female Darkstalkers? (With the exception of that putrid Anakaris) Where's the Jon Talban? Lord Raptor? Demitri? Donovan?

    Christ, Capcom! This has to be the worst roster in a fighter since Capcom Fighting All-Stars. Somebody must have won a bet on whether or not they could make the worst game possible.

  19. Well if we cant have X, then We cant have Megaman. I dont mind.

    he's had his time in the spotlight.

  20. As the leak said, the remaining characters are Taskmaster, Sentinel, Hsien-ko, and Akuma. Taskmaster, Hsien-ko, and Akuma have all been confirmed by the leaked list of 360 achievements for the game. Mega Man is 100% not in this game, unless he is added later on as DLC, which is unlikely since they have Zero's alt costume that looks like X, and they don't like having two similar characters on screen at once to confuse the players.

  21. @Jimb0

    Uh, no it isn't, unless you mean the "this character isn't in the game because of X resaon" things which are pure bs since the guy was proved to be fake.

    The actual leaked roster, the one by Lupinko which this klenox guy based his comments on, had been posted for way over a month before any of those tweets.

    Hell, the actual guy not only got the roster right, he even went as far as to correctly describe how some of those characters play months in advance of their reveal (biggest examples are Viper and Phoenix).

  22. Definitely thinking he'll be a DLC character at this point.

    although I'm more upset that they unveiled Phoenix and it wasn't Phoenix Wright!

  23. - A few days ago, I did a shot on Ask Capcom about Mega Man, regarding a comment about Storm and Magneto. The poster said that both were competitive characters, so the tournament players were the keys for the addiction of those chars, and that Mega Man isn't a competitive character (for tournaments).

    - Well, it was harsh and that forum seems overflowed by fanboys, disgusting "Nintendo VS Capcom" 3-years-semi-retarded boys. :D

  24. @davis: Wow. Someone knows I'm Paper Ace Chase? How'd you know? I only go by that name on GameFAQs.

  25. I seriously just want to crack up right now.

    In EVERY game involving Capcom characters from multiple gameverses, Megaman should be at the top of the list. He should not be unlockable, he should not be hidden, and he should damn well not be unincluded.

    Holy crap, Capcom. You're stupid.

  26. My friend who seems to know everything about the game already said that Megaman.Exe will be in since they already created him and decided to throw him in. They're also looking at X for DLC.

  27. ^
    Yeah, no I don't think so.

  28. @MusashiAA

    You're lucky there is an entire internet between you and I.

    Realize that your comment is full of opinions, and full of rude crap. I'm conservative, but certainly not a conservative fuck or ass. God, you liberals..

    Anyway, in my humble opinion, 8-bit Mega Man is not a fad so much as it is a way to bring Classic Megaman back to the fans. When you say "fad", do you mean it's something that will go away and Megaman will return in a brand new adventure that will sell for $50? Because.. that's not going to happen, and that is why Mega Man became 8-bit again, and will likely remain for quite some time.

    Inafune protected the franchise the best that he could, in a world covered by endless water. He deserves plenty of credit. And you, Sir, need to be more polite. Do you see me raving around calling said individual what I assume to be my polar opposite, but in a negative tone? Nope. That reason lies in the fact that I'm a conservative fuck ass on a website geared towards megaman discussion, and I know where to draw the line. Calm down, why don't you? Smoke a fat one.

  29. @Omar

    Yeah, I was being rude. But that doesn't make my point invalid, though.

    I meant fad as in "just a trend". Like some sort of meme, but that would be going a bit too far. The 8-bit trend is being taken quite too literally, as I have met with many Classic fanboys that just can't get out of the same "MM2 is bess Capcom should keep hacking it" philosophy.

    This essentially is strong inside the fangame community, which shouldn't be like that in the first place. The most original and relevant type of idea they can come up with and hint to Capcom is that they like to make custom sprites and RMs and shit like that, but no real improvements to the raw gameplay.

    If Capcom is not willing to play risky with Classic Mega Man because it simply doesn't sell very well, then they should just drop the poor kid already.

    I love the 8-bit scenario and all, but that doesn't mean that's where Classic should stay. MM7's scenario just needs a graphical-hitbox proportion fix, and as far as I'm concerned, MM8 wasn't all that bad. Hell, the Powered Up scenario could just get a 4:3 fix and next thing we know it's a functional scenario.

    This is just a fad that both Capcom the fanbase refuse to let go. It's a nostalgic coma, although I don't think "coma" is the proper wording. It's a dream the fanbase refuses to wake up from. As if they trap themselves at will. What's there to fear outside, in the real world? Fear of change? Of moving on?. I stoped searching the right answer a long time ago.

    WIP fangames like megacocorock's Jump-N-Shoot Star Force game are few, where they defy the limits of the original games and experiment with new gameplay mechanics/ideas. Or like cutmanmike's, where they mix 2 styles of gameplay that are almost an opposite of each other, in terms of gameplay. All the rest are just ridiculous attempts on emulating MM9/10.

    tl;dr, sorry for being rude, but your comment made me really frustrated. We need to move on, not stay in the past D:

  30. Dont loose hope guys its too early for that! I say we spam both unity and Capcom's official FB page also the official MvC3 page!

    but really its still to early for us to loose hope feb 15 is still far away!

  31. ''Offers nothing new''? What kind of shitty excuse is that? How does Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, Morrigan and so many others are any different?

  32. What?! MegaMan didn't make the cut?!

    ...This sucks... But I'm glad Zero and Tron Bonne made it into MVC3, I feel sorry for some Star Force MegaMan fans when they find out that either Classic MegaMan and SF MegaMan didn't make it into MVC3...

    I'm thinking of buying this game since it has Zero and Tron in it.

  33. @MusashiAA

    Thank you for apologizing! Now we can have an intelligent conversation.

    You do make many points about CAPCOM's approach to playing the Classic Mega Man card. I certainly do agree that the "Mega Man 2 game is the best ever" group-think is overbearing. But allow me to ask you.. how old are you? I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I've been with MegaMan since I was born, which was in '87. I've seen him go through all of his phases, and I experienced the lack of quality in the games after Mega Man 3. I witnessed his evolution to higher graphics, because that is what the game industry and the fans demanded. I can tell you first hand that classic Mega Man did not translate well into the SNES era, and definitely not into the Playstation/Saturn era. How many "classic" games came out on SNES? Just Megaman 7. We see little demand there. And for Playstation? Just Megaman 8, right?

    If those were as successful as CAPCOM had hoped, then we wouldn't see Megaman in 8-bit anymore. CAPCOM has played risky with the franchise all along, and nothing has proven more profitable than these 8-bit games (profitability measured by the amount of time needed to make the game plus the amount of money earned). Need I remind you that Powered Up was fun, but it didn't sell well, and it was somewhat uncalled for on the PSP. Likewise, CAPCOM has tried MegaMan Soccer, and that was crap. Aren't they also making that MegaMan Universe game? That's been shot down by fans and it's not even released yet.

    To sum that up, I'd say that "Retro" is a fad, and not that Classic 8-bit megaman is a fad. Don't tell me Megaman 9 and 10 don't feel good. They do and you know it. It's because "retro" is so popular these days that Classic MegaMan found a chance to shine once again. Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Contra, and even Metal Slug have come back with the retro vibe, and it's a vibe that sells.

    When you say that MegaMan's 8-bit trip is a fad, I will disagree because we've only seen 2 new games in the retro style. Mario has a retro special addition box set, "2 New Super Mario Bros." games, and a slew of appearances in 8-bit in games like TETRIS DS, or the musical function of the DSi. We 8-bit megaman fans haven't been in the past for that long, dude! lol

    I don't mind if CAPCOM plays risky with the franchise again. I really don't. I'd like to see him as versatile as Mario, who has sports games, rpg's, party games, racing games, and co-op games. But 8-bit megaman is a safe zone for fans like me, and a safe zone for CAPCOM to make some cash. If there is fear for change, it's because previous risks were very unrewarding. I hope that answers your question.

    And just between you and me, I also don't mind if they drop megaman altogether. I have little faith in the franchise now that Inafune is no longer there to direct character design or storyline.

  34. dang man, Capcom didn't get MEGAFIED yet.

  35. I still think he's in, but if he doesn't, then is no big loss. =D

  36. If you want Megaman so bad, just go play megaman gaems. It seems like most of you were gonna be buying this game purely for him.

  37. MvC is about creating your dream team of characters, and for many, that dream team includes Megaman. They say he bring nothing new and replaced him with arthur, yet they still have both Ryu AND Akuma? That makes Capcom sound full of ish.

    Not to mention that would be like having a Smash Bros. game and not including Mario.

  38. Megaman.exe would be the best megaman considering he is the most different than any megaman. whether you like the game or not is completely irrelevant when it comes to play style.

  39. @Anonymous under Steven Chase's second comment: IIRC, Mega Man was an unlockable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

    @Anonymous 2 posts below mine: The only one who said he brings nothing new was a leaker who was proven false. Also, your comparison is a bit flawed, considering that in a fighting game, Ryu takes priority. A more accurate comparison (in this case, at least) would be a Smash Bros. game without Link.

  40. the only megamans that haven't been ruled out are exe and legends but they might put classic as DLC so we'll just have to wait and see.

  41. ^
    Not true. The only one that was deconfirmed at any point was X. And technically, all of them have a shot for DLC.

  42. You guys should be grateful. If I'm one of those MvC3 insider, I'll just give you Auto and Reggae as helper. That still awesome too, Beat that!


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