Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clearing Up Star Force: Official Complete Works Release Date Confusion

Lately, I've received several emails concerning Amazon's Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works listing. Within the last few days, Amazon updated the book's release date from January 11 all the way to July, 2011. That's a pretty big delay, but fret not, it is by no means correct.

Our pal at Udon Entertainment, Matt Moylan, has personally confirmed with me that Amazon's SF OCW release date is incorrect. The book is not coming out in July... but it is seeing a slight delay: Matt says we can expect to see the book in stores by the end of March.

In the meantime, he's looking into correcting the Amazon release and already the March date has been reflected on Udon's own release schedule. As for Battle Network OCW, the book is still on track for somewhere between January/February. We should have a clearer release date soonish along with an inevitable set of preview pages. Look forward to that!

Well, that's that. Thanks again to Matt for keeping us in the loop. More OCW news as it comes!


  1. I think "sometime in March" is much nicer than July. XDD

    Can't wait for this one, probably one of the few Megaman artbooks that I was THIS CLOSE to just saying "Fuck it" and importing the Japanese version, just before I heard that UDON was gonna pick it up.

  2. If it's UDON, it's a delay.®

    Seriously, the Robot Masters book got pushed to April. We'll be lucky to get anything this year.

  3. I think Amazon's date is more accurate than Udon's, as it takes more time. I would not be surprised if it ends up being after July.

    lol at "If it's UDON, it's a delay.®"

    By the way, when the EXE book will be released?

  4. ^

    Says so in the post: Jan/Feb.

  5. It's a shame how these books end up like vaporware. Same concept, only on books. Didn't they announced it back in the summer of 2010? I really want those books.

  6. I still wonder if the Battle Network OCW will still have the cell phone game information.

  7. Preordered the EXE OCW. They buttur not dulay it.

  8. @JDAManson: Pretty sure it will. Udon's not one to cut material. If you're worried because it's a japanese only game, just look at Rockboard and Super Adventure Rockman on the Classic Complete Works :P

  9. @Manson: Why wouldn't it? There's no reason to remove them at all. A simple "Unreleased outside Japan" will suffice.

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