Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ghost Of NubyTech's Lost MMX Controller

Over the years, I've amassed a rather nice collection of old Mega Man assets and resources: promos, advertisments, press releases, prototype footage, and other miscellaneous memorabilia.

Despite not necessarily being classified as "news", I really do enjoy sharing these little blasts from the past; they're fun! So, continuing this endless tradition, I thought I'd share another little nugget. I dug up this old item of interest that some of you may remember, unfortunately, never saw the light of day: NubyTech's Mega Man X PlayStation 2 controller.

Waaaay back in 2004, NubyTech announced a partnership with Capcom to produce a series of Mega Man accessories. Kicking off this joint venture, Mega Man X-inspired Gamecube and PlayStation 2 controllers. After a slew of delays, NubyTech finally released the GameCube version in 2006, exclusively sold at EB Games and GameStop. The PlayStation 2 variation was inexplicable scrapped; all we have left of it now is the above proof-of-concept image.

If memory serves me right, it was once mentioned that the PS2 controller would have special compatibility with Mega Man X8; "lighting-up" under certain conditions during gameplay. Pretty cool idea in theory... might get annoying after a while, of course.

So why is this relevant today? For the past couple months or so, the controller has taken on a vanishing act of sorts over at GameStop's online store. Every so often, the controller appears under the store's Mega Man listings, only to vanish a short while later. The listing has no price, no release date, or description; merely the image of the controller and title, Mega Man X PlayStation 2 Controller.

I don't believe plans to release the controller are back on -- this vanishing act is likely due to a glitch on GameStop's part. Still, like Amazon's instance upon keeping Mega Man Mania listed, this is a pretty big taunt to those of us who eagerly awaited the arrival of this item all those years ago.

Keep checking GameStop online; the controller's ghost is bound to appear once more.


  1. Anyone wanna try and build one?

    I'll donate parts.

  2. Heh, awesome. I have the GameCube one! I've only used it once, though; it's a collector's item, after all.

  3. "aarf! I want one!"

  4. I always remembered seeing the ads for this controller, and I wanted it badly. It really is a shame it never was released.

  5. ...Whoa!...NICE! I've never even heard of this until now!...

    Hmmm... Well... that would be because I didn't even start playing the Mega Man X games until February last year (yeah, I "discovered" it REALLY late), so didn't even think there'd be such a thing as this... but it's still nice to know! :D

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. i always confused this one with the one that was released... and i recall that gimmicky feature, but FUCK i wanted a glowing button so bad.

    At least I have the GC version? I dunno. Memoriessss, lol

  7. I remember a Mega Man X Gamecube controller that looked just like that. I remember asking for it for Christmas when I was a kid. lol

  8. Huh, I never realized the PS2 controller never saw production. Then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Getting the GCN controller was an ordeal enough on its own. :P


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