Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bonus Goods To Coincide With Kotobukiya Blues Release

Capcom's obssession with coffee mugs continues! To commemorate the release of the Kotobukiya Blues model kit (officially on sale this Friday), Kotobukiya's direct store in Japan will play host to a special event where attendees can score two exclusive coffee mugs.

The mugs, featuring an E-Tank theme and a collage of Rolls, are currently exclusive to in-store Kotobukiya outlets. Unfortunatly, it remains to be seen if either mug will be sold elsewhere.

Also of interest, event attendees can enter a lottery to win prizes. For every 2,000 Yen spent of Rockman-related goods, that's one ballot in the raffle bin. The more you spend, the better your chances at winning!

On a related note, Kotobukiya also posted up a picture of the Mega Man-branded Blues model kit, which we're expecting to see go on sale later this year. Check that out here.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Battle Network Roll :3 Respect for them having added her, she's a ''Roll'' too, after all.

  2. the think geek one looks significantly better.

  3. I need, want, and must have that mug.

    I love that they consider Powered Up Roll a separate entity from pre-MM8 Roll, even though the only difference is their size.

    Looking at this though, I never realized just how few versions of Roll we really have. Only three? (Classic, Legends, Battle Network) Somehow it seemed like we had more.

  4. Posers much?

    Was Fangamer the first to make the E-Mug, or did I miss something? Fangamer, Thinkgeek, and now ol' Koto!


  5. I want that Roll mug. But if I got that mug, I think that would just raise questions I'm not sure I'm ready to answer. XD

  6. You're not alone, Joseph, you're not alone... To be honest at this point I'd settle for a clean pic of the art, though. XD


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