Friday, January 21, 2011

The Greatest Bits Presents: Mega Man 2 Tribute Album

Here's something for you Mega Man audiophiles. Artist The Greatest Bits contacted me earlier today to let me know about his latest album themed solely after Mega Man 2. Described as a "chiptune crossover", each song from the game has been remixed, combining 8-bit retro-style sounds with "real instruments of the 21st century."

The result are pretty satisfying, if I do say so myself. Have a listen to the soundtrack yourself: samples of the soundtrack can be heard directly from The Greatest Bits official site.

Chiptune fans will be all over this one, but I must admit that some of the songs could have used a little more of a "kick" to stand out above the ever-growing crowd of MM2 remixes. Nevertheless, it's a great compilation with a lot of heart.

Like what you hear? You can purchase the full album (or individual songs) directly from iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up, The Greatest Bits!


  1. I wonder how many remixes of MM2 Wily Stage 1 will be made by the end of the world... -_-

    Am I the only one who's actually sick of this song now?

  2. he's charging for this?! really?!?

  3. @Amir:

    No, you're not. In fact, I'm sick of Mega Man 2 in general. Honestly, its overexposure is enough to make me want to puke.

  4. Honestly, I prefer MM1 over MM2.

    The engines themselves were exactly the same (minus the score counter for MM2) and yet it wasn't anywhere near as broken to shit as MM2 was. :/

    Hell, it didn't have one weapon (Metal Blade) being the weakness of like, 3-4 Robot Master bosses. -_-

  5. ^ Exactly. You've hit the nail right on the head. Also, Mega Man 1 didn't have crappy level designs.

  6. Enough Megaman 2 already.

    I know the day will come when people will realize that Meaman 4 was the real best.

  7. I bought the musics, and it's not very good, the sound is not better than the old chiptune album or original sound......i dont like :x

    MM2 overrated too.

  8. @zuschzero:

    Yeah, Mega Man 4 was a true masterpiece, but personally, I prefer Mega Man 3 (as well as 7).

  9. You should make a post about The Megas' "Sparked a War" EP and mention that the MM3 album is on the way this year.

    I'm looking forward to it, and The Megas are fantastic artists.

  10. Sorry but Mega Man 5 had the best music...

    Of all time. *runs away from those sick of the meme*


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