Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mega Man Tribute Reminder

Hey folks, just a quick reminder for those interested: the deadline for UDON's Mega Man Tribute project is creeping up fast, and you've got roughly three weeks left to get those entries in!

All submissions are due no later than Monday, January 31st at 1:00 PM EST. Once you've whipped up something nice, you can submit your piece for consideration at Remember: your submission must adhere to a set of specific rules and regulations. All the details can be found at the official Mega Man Tribute website in the above link.

New to this whole Mega Man Tribute thingy? Mega Man Tribute falls in line with UDON Entertainment's previous Tribute art books; however, this time around, UDON is encouraging fans to submit their own works of art to be included in the compilation.  They are asking specifically for pieces themed after classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Zero, and Mega Man ZX.  All styles are welcome: hand drawn art, sculptures, pixel-based, whatever! If you've got the talent, UDON wants to see it.

Unfortunately, UDON will not be accepting art based off of the Battle Network and Star Force series. UDON has previously stated that, because BN and SF are partially owned by other companies besides Capcom, they were not allowed to get permission to have either series represented in the book.

So that's pretty much that. Again, you've got till January 31st! Get those entries in!

All the detail at the official Mega Man Tribute website.


  1. I'm almost done with mine! I have one for the X series and one for the Zero series.

    I'm not gonna die if neither gets chosen for this mega-awesome Mega Man Tribute book, but if one or both are selected, it sure would be nice.

    I'd be beyond myself with joy.


  2. Honestly, I doubt they really tried to get the licensing for EXE or SSR.

    They went batshit to get into the staff for TvC UAS, the biggest licensing hell Capcom has gotten into in years, and yet it's a big hard fight to get rights from TV Tokyo or Shogaku-whatever it's spelt?

    I think "licensing issues" is the new excuse for "We just didn't give a fuck" lately for game designers and people in the gaming/art industry.

  3. @ First Anon: Different companies. I would bet that Tatsunoko jumped at the chance for their IPs to be introduced to the English audiences. To the point where they would have cooperated with Capcom to pull all of the strings required.

    TV Tokyo, Shogaku-whatever it's called, and some of the other EXE/SSR copyright holders? I've heard that the Shogaku-whatever it's called one in particular has a reputation for being one of the most anal companies in existence when it comes to copyrights.

    Especially since I'm quite sure they haven't done anything with EXE/SSR for the past year or so, much less anything for the EXE anime in particular. Yet they still pull down EXE episodes from YouTube. Even from the seasons that only aired in Japan.

  4. @ Oren: Expected typical useless fanboy asshole reponse/10.

  5. I'm actually quite sad by the fact of no BN/SF, I find their characters more interesting to draw, truth be told.

  6. @HRae: I totally Agree!!, for some reason I really love drawing BN/SF characters.
    But too bad T_T looks like I'll have to draw something else, maybe Zero.. and hopefully finish it on time.

  7. Shogakugan. So close. You guys were only off one syllable.

  8. I just hope someone make a decent drawing of Green Biker Dude LOL!!

  9. I'm sad about the lack of BN and SF as well, but it couldn't be helped. I know Matt tried to do what he could, but it just wasn't up to him.

    So! All of you amazing artists out there, who are submitting pieces for this book... please, pretty please do some awesome fanart of X, yeah? Not Zero. Please, just not Zero. At least, not only him. Zero sucks. Give X some love. PLEASE. I would also take art of X owning Zero in a fight, say their fight in X5. :B

  10. .....FFFUUUUUUUUUU--- I completely forgot about it. Wish they'd not dropped it in the middle of Christmas/New Years rush (and me getting the flu @_@).

  11. @ Ash Paulsen

    I have X as "part" of my X series art tribute, although Zero dominates the image (as a background).

    However, I'll see if I can squeeze in one of only X! He absolutely DOES indeed need more love! Zero needs to stand back and let X get his much needed attention too.


  12. I am almost done too, my classic Forte is looking badass.

  13. What about characters that didn't appeared in the anime and manga, like the ones introduced in Star Force 3? Would there be copyright problems with them (if allowed in the book)?
    And isn't Capcom the main holder of the rights instead of those? It's like Marvel wanting to add Spider-Man/Wolverine/Hulk/... in one game but can't because other game company used the character, and they have been in many companies through the years like Capcom, LJN, Sega and Activision.

  14. YAY extra time to finish, the deadline got extended to 4th Feb!

    We dont have to do main characters right? .... it can be evil ones too right?

    @ Anon above
    Isn't it no Star Force Characters either way? (Unfortunately)


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