Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Rockman 2 Commercial Hits Japan

Capcom Japan's official YouTube account has posted a sixteen second TV spot for the mobile phone version of Rockman 2. The commercial, now airing in Japan, advertises Capcom's Capcom Party mobile games consisting of Rockman 2, Street Fighter II and Ghosts N' Goblins.

Fun fact: This is the first Rockman commercial to air in Japan since Shooting Star Rockman 3 in 2008. Games thereafter, Operate Shooting Star, Rockman 9 and 10, and Zero Collection never had TV spots of their own.  Kind of sad, no?


  1. Awesome. Inb4 MM2 hate.

  2. Random Geek Moment: The commercial says "Makai Mura", but the game on the phone is actually "Dai Makai-Mura" (or "Ghouls 'n Ghosts", for those of us state-side).

  3. I saw this on TV a week ago.

  4. @Anonymous #1:

    Yeah, because what better way to prevent anti-Mega Man 2 comments, than to provoke people into doing the very thing that you don't want them to do?

    In any case, though, I definitely see where Krazy Monkey and several other people are coming from with the Mega Man 2 hate. In fact, I've gotten quite sick of it myself. While it's not necessarily a terrible game or anything, I still don't think it warrants that kind of praise. There are far better games in that series that could really use the attention. I mean, honestly. Recent games like Mega Man 9 and 10 didn't get a commercial, while a generations-outdated game like Mega Man 2 did? Really?

  5. The problem isn't MM2 and SF2 (and its many versions), but the fact they are so good Capcom can't doesn't want to risk release other game or can't do a better game, re-releasing them over and over again. Capcom plans to release it to all platforms, even for old ones like Atari, Odyssey and Game & Watch! ;)

    Being serious, Street Fighter 2 was released even for Master System...


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