Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mega Man Gigamix News Blowout

We saw the leaked retail listing a few days back, but now it's official: Mega Man Gigamix is heading to North America.

  • "Off against the Robot Masters of Mega Man 3, as well as the gigantic Gamma robot!  The space setting of this tale acts as a prelude to Gigamix Vol.2 & 3, where all robots good and evil alike must join forces to defend the Earth from the ultra-powerful Stardroids! This two-part epic features every single Robot Master from the first eight Mega Man® games, plus fan favorites like Bass, Treble, Proto Man, Duo, the Stardroids, Rush, Beat, Roll, Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, Dr. Light, and of course the blue bomber himself – Mega Man!
  • All together, Gigamix is over 600 pages of pulse pounding Mega Man action that no fan will want to miss out on! Mega Man Gigamix Vol.1 arrives in stores May 4, 2011."

Exciting, no? And it gets better: preview pages! Yes, we've got a sizable amount of preview pages available for your consumption at UDON's official blog. No dialogue, currently; I assume the translation is still in the work-in-progress phases.

On a final note, Matt will be lurking around on the blog for the next few days, so if you have any questions or comments concerning Gigamix, please do share them in the comments! Keep it kosher!

Thanks for keeping us in the know, Matt!


  1. Yeah!! Mega Man, Bass, protoman and all robot masters vs the Stardroids.
    Stardroids FTW!
    I love you udon!

  2. Timeline issues aside (MMV would definitely have been before MM8 I'd think!), this looks great! I'll be really looking forward to this one!

  3. Hi, Matt! I'm wondering, will you guys consider releasing the cool boxed set once all three volumes are out?


  4. Hey, Matt. Not a Gigamix question but I'm wondering: any new developments on getting Iwamoto's X manga stateside?

  5. My question for Matt:

    This is looking pretty awesome - I'm guessing this is meant to be a reimagining or retelling of some of the events leading up to and including Rockman World 5?

  6. Hey Mr. Matt, is there any possibility of a Philippine release?

  7. Hey Matt, a few days back they posted that Gigamix would be released in three volumes, each a little over 200 pages. This post says it will be two volumes. Which report is correct?

    And I second the question about MMX in the USA!

  8. @Anonymous: this exact Megamix/Gigamix boxed set is not in the plans right now. One reason is that UDON version of Megamix is spread across 3 volumes instead of 2 like the most recent Japanese release (a lot of material was cut from teh recent Japanese release). But we may come up with something similar down the road.

    @Major Tom: Now that Gigamix is secured, Iwamoto's X and other MM mangas are are being looked into more seriously.

    @Jessica: While not strickly limited to any one game, vol.1 focuses on some MM3 events plus a MM7/Battle & Chase story. Vol.2-3 is a combination of some World 5 + MM8 events, but features a mega cast from across most of the classic games

    @ZeroX_Syaron: No official Phillipines release, but it is possible to order it from amazon, they ship pretty much worldwide.

  9. Matt,

    You said material was cut from the Japanese version? You mean the books we get in America will not be the same as the JPN books (shorter)? What kind of material was cut?

  10. @ JJ: So rry for any confusion. Gigamix is a 3 volume series. Vol.1 is sort of a prelude to the main story. Vol.2-3 are the 2-part main story.

  11. @ Hypercoyote: Relating to cut material, I was referring to the already-released Megamix, not Gigamix.

    UDON licensed Megamix from Japanese publisher Enterbrain as 3 volumes. Later, the Japanese rights to Megamix transfered to a company called Wedge. Wedge decided to republish Megamix in two volumes, cutting out much of the bonus content (comedy strips, character profiles, some short stories). UDON went ahead and still published it as 3 volumes with all the bonus content intact, so in actuality the current English version of Megamix is more complete than the current Japanese version.

    Gigamix however, will be very near identical to the Japanese version (actually Ariga-san may also give us a few small extras ;).

  12. *passes out in a joyful, foaming fit of apoplexy*


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