Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Greatest Cake Ever Made

Wow, just wow. I've seen my fair share of Mega Man-themed pastries and desserts in my day, but this one really... takes the cake.

The mastermind behind this scrumptious delicate is none other than the Cake Whisperer, aka Cathy Campbell. Ms. Campbell owns and operates the Cake Whisper Gourmet Bakery in Ottawa, Canada, best known for their custom, handcrafted cakes. You can check out a sampling of some of their other designs here -- they've even got a NES cake!

I'm not entirely sure if the Mega Man cake in particular is for sale, but it couldn't hurt to ask. Even if it isn't, at least we can marvel at the photo.

Would you eat it? I don't think I have the heart to consume such a work of art..

Source: The Cake Whisperer


  1. oh mah lawd

    I wouldn't eat it. I'd freakin' find a way to freeze it and marvel at it. Actually, I'd order two. Freeze one and eat the other. Assuming, of course, there's nothing funky in it. I like either chocolate, vanilla, or plain. Das it.

  2. That´s why Canada rules :)

  3. I wouldn't eat it. That frosting has to be reallly thick. I've had cake with really thick frosting, almost like a bed sheet. That shit is not fun to eat at all.

    Still looks neat, though... but nothing beats a cake shaped in boobies.

  4. The term "Plasma power!!" comes to mind all of a sudden.

    That is seriously one awesome cake, at any rate.

  5. Freaking awesome. I'm not sure I could eat that.

  6. Mega Man's kind of got a big nose there.

  7. @Joseph Collins:
    "Pasta Power!!!"

  8. I almost thought this was a costume. Then I read that it was a cake.

    Now I'm sad and happy at the same time.

  9. Now I've got your power.

    And that power is CAKE!

  10. the term "YOU GOT A GUN" comes to mind.

  11. I actually ate this cake. The blaster was crispy treat and the head was pure cake awesomeness. It did in fact sit for a long time befor eating. I also ate that NES cake, it was yummy too. It was for a friends welcome home.


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