Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Many Faces Of D-Arts Mega Man X

Okay, not many... just a few. Tamashii recently posted a few shots of D-Arts X's interchangeable faces, which you can scope out below:

Idle, angry, and pissed. Well, who didn't see those coming? Until now, we haven't seen these much touted interchangeable faces so if you were hoping for a smug X, well, I'm sorry.

Tamashii has plenty more where that came from. Their official D-Arts hub has a nice collection of photos showing off some of the figure's poses, accessories, and such. Check those out right here.

D-Arts X is slated to release in Japan in April and in North America around May-June at select retailers.


  1. Making an OBJECTION! with the third face would be appropriate.

  2. Well, the first two look good. :S

    I can't tell if the last one is farting or... "yaaaaaay". Doesn't look like "pissed" to me.

  3. I guess hoping for a "friendly" face was too much? He hardly ever smiles, does he?

  4. Is there an X face that would go hand in hand with a certain Woody figurine from Toy Story? ;)

  5. OMFG!!! XD

    This D-Arts X figure is looking MORE AMAZING with every new image! I love all three of X's expressions!

    Now I REALLY wanna get this!... and can't wait to see how Zero's faces will turn out, too!


  6. That isnt pissed... Looks more like "happy" to me

  7. @ Flame

    You're right! It looks like X is yelling out,
    "YAAAHHH! I get to kick your ASS!"

    Or, "YAAAHHH! I can be BAD-ASS TOO!"

    LOL! ;D


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