Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get A Load Of Zero's Alternate MvC3 Costumes

It may be looking grim for any more Mega Man representatives, but at least Zero's alternate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 costumes/colors were thoughtfully made....

Hey, look at that! It's almost like four characters in one! From left to right, we've got Mega Man X, Zero's normal attire, Bass, and Axl. Ideally, I think everyone would prefer to have these characters playable, but hey, it's better than nothing. A little fan service never hurts, right?

Higher-res screens of each costume below:

I'm especially pleased that MMX gets a nod... almost makes up for his MIA status.

News Credits: Event Hubs (Thanks, Tyler), Destructoid (thanks, Arlen!)


  1. It's worth noting Tron has a Roll outfit. Blonde hair, red jacket, black shirt. I can't identify what her other two are nods at.

  2. Well Steve that would be a fun association since Zero's alts are obvious references.

    Let's see... Her color scheme that goes with the Heroic Gustaff is chestnut haired in beige. If I had to guess from within the series I'd say that would be a shot at generic Female NPCs with that color scheme. Maybe if Capcom wanted to be broad and outlandish it could be a reference to Glyde depending on the servbot's color changes. So there's potential there.

    I can't say Tron in the Stylish Gustaff looks like anything but recolored to match it.

  3. Zero with X's colors?

    How sickening. That's like an extra slap in the face to Mega Man fans. Zero's nothing compared to X. :/

  4. You can actually see the Servbot recolors on another screen.

    The Servbot is white for the Roll motif. I'm not sure what significance that has. (Being colored brown/silver woulda been a neat nod to Data.)

    For the black motif, we get an orange Servbot. I really can't find anything significant in this motif at all other than looking pretty neat.

    The blue motif with the sand-colored hair gets a green and orange Servbot... Wait.

    OH! I get it!

    In the last outfit on the right, it's meant to represent a flip between the Servbot and Tron. The Servbot is colored after the Gustaff ride armor, and Tron's ride armor is colored after the Servbot's body. Although, I can't explain the funky coloring in Tron herself.

  5. Axl? ..... Oh. Yeah I guess it is. I was thinking it was RMZ-esk colours for a sec (which would have been cooler), but.. *thumbs up*

  6. I actually like the Axl one the most....Almost even over the real colors. (Well, not that much....)


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