Friday, January 7, 2011

"Rockman DASH: Adventure To Save The Planet" Footage Surfaces

Sporting quite possibly the most generic title ever, footage of the highly obscure Rockman DASH: To Save The Planet, has finally surfaced... twelve years after its release.

Now the question on everyone's mind: the heck is this?

To Save The Planet is a brain teaser/quiz game released exclusively in Asia for the PC in 1999. While it may scream bootleg, the game is actually an official Capcom product. That's right, this one counts.

TSTP was part of a collection of Asian exclusive Mega Man/Rockman titles release during the late nineties, the most recognizable being Rockman Strategy. The Mechanical Maniacs has a nice break down of each title released in the region and, yes, they're all official.

Bad graphics and poor presentation aside, I think this looks fairly interesting... of course, this coming from the guy who must own everything branded under the DASH name. Can't say I've seen this for sale on Ebay or the usual places -- it's pretty darn rare.

The obscurity continues at ServbotNULL's YouTube Channel; plenty more videos where that came from!


  1. What the hell did I just watch?


  3. Holy shit.

    At first I thought this was the cellphone game, which I thought looked pretty bad. But no. Someone out in the universe wanted to prove me wrong.

  4. And I thought it was a Taiwan fangame,lol
    So... Tiesel vs Volnutt in space?

  5. No way! This is an official Capcom product?! Holy crap...

  6. i just LOL'd at the sound effects of that quiz segment

  7. I just pooped my paints.

  8. That was one of the worst things I've ever seen. x_x


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