Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Mega Man Legends 3 Promotional Trailer

Don't get too excited; it doesn't contain gameplay. Capcom Europe and Capcom Unity released a promotional trailer for Legends 3 earlier today, which mostly advertises the devroom. On the plus side, the trailer does contain 3D models of Servbots and some nice concept art the flashes by. Try not to blink!

The Mega Man Network has taken the liberty of screen caping those brief flashes of concept art, so if you're seeking a better look, hop on over there.

It remains to be seen if these pieces, which depict new locations, equipment, and even a new outfit for Roll, will reflect the final product.


  1. I hope they use Roll's outfit in the game. It looks better than the old one (then again, my opinion).

  2. I'm loving the new Roll!

  3. It looks like someone has taken it upon themselves to make Roll Casket look even more like Ai Kaminari.


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