Sunday, January 23, 2011

Legends 3 Rocket Development Continues

Slowly but surely, Tron and Roll's efforst to rescue Mega Man Volnutt from the surface of Elysium wage on...

As of January 21st, the rocket's launchpad has been completed -- updating the project's total progress to 11% (an increment of six percent since December). Coinciding with this update, the devroom posted the above bit of concept art of the launchpad.

Rocket progress updates are offered once a month, viewable at the Devroom. It has been stated, or at least speculated, that the rocket's development is synonymous with Mega Man Legends 3's progress. Once at 100%, the game will go gold.

Hey, no rush.

The more time invested in a game's development, the better the final product.  All we can do at this time is to continue our support of Legends 3: join the Devroom, pitch ideas in the forums, and participate in events.

Though I highly doubt we'll see Legends 3 releasing within that 3DS launch window of March to early June, I am hopefully of word of a release window soon. Maybe not a specific date but a general idea at best. We shall see!

 Source: Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom


  1. Hopefully the game will be out by next Christmas.

    I guess they could try building a giant elevator up into space... but look what happened LAST time folks tried that.

    Well, at least they got good music out of it. ^-^

  2. @Anonymous: Are you referring to the Jakob elevator? 'Cause I liked that game.

  3. I'm fairly certain Mega Man Legends 3 won't see release until this holiday season or next winter at the earliest. Seems like they're taking their time with it, which is a good thing.

  4. Since the 3DS will be out in North America on March 27, 2011, I'd say a more realistic release window for Legends 3 would be sometime around the Holiday Season of this year.

    Could be sooner, but I doubt it.

    Besides, I'd rather see a much more polished project upon release! ;)

  5. I'm guessing the game ain't coming out till end of next year with the rate this is going. -_-

  6. That rocket increases every month at about the same time--it said so in the servbot dialogue when the rocket was at 1% completion. So far we've had an average of exactly 5% increase from month to month. If the rocket continues to rise at about 5% per month, it should hit 100% in June 2012, though deducing it mathematically after only two monthly updates isn't too reliable at this point in time.

    As with anything like this, though, the more months you can factor into the average percent increase, the closer the ETA will be to the actual release.

  7. New concept art is nice. I'am also thinking a June 2012 release window. Makes me wonder what the devroom will get to do while they test the game for bugs and glitches before going gold. Maybe we will just get to vote on stuff.


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