Friday, January 14, 2011

Mega Man Olympics Round 6: Guts Man Stage

So it's come to this: a feat of strength. Round six in the Mega Man Olympics pits jgonzo and Ucchy-san in a good 'ol arm wrestling match....with a foam Mega Buster twist.

Two challenges reaming. This is getting hectic!


  1. I have a feeling that Jgonzo let Ucchy win this time, not that I'd blame him, haha :D

  2. Well, it can end in either Jgonzo winning or a tie, since he's got 4 victories already...

  3. Ucchy cheated, he had his other arm grabbing the table assisting him. Jgonzo kept his other arm at his side.

  4. What kinda cracks me up is, Japanese kinda have this thing where they are anti-competitive, so I wonder if Ucchy's been throwing all the previous rounds. It's kind of the Japanese business way to show humility.


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