Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mega Man As DLC? Not Likely

Following up on his comments made yesterday, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 producer Ryota Niitsuma shared a few words with Fantasy Mundo on the likelihood of Mega Man being offered as a future downloadabe character.  In short, you might not want hold your breath:

"It is almost certain that he is not going to be DLC. Mega Man is a character difficult to adapt to MvC because you only have Megabuster as a weapon and a good character for this fighting game needs more variety. That is the main reason that we chose Zero; apart from the Megabuster, he also carries a sword.

Everything we've announced is that there will be DLC with new characters, but we have not yet decided which and how many will be there, but then we didn't say they're "definitely a no" but "not currently, and it is very unlikely."


What's confusing here -- bewildering, almost, is that Niitsuma has overlooked the fact that numerous incarnations of Mega Man can utilize an array of weaponry. It's the characters trademark, after all. Sure, arsenal mostly spawns from the Mega Buster, but I think Capcom could have easily adapted popular boss abilities into useful attacks.

All in all, nothing is set in stone when it comes to future downloadable characters. However, it's probably best not to get your hopes up for Mega Man.

Thanks for the tip and translation, Ivan!

Source: Fantasy Mundo


  1. Wow. It seems almost as if Capcom just loves to kick the fanbase in the nuts in any way they possibly can. Mega Man 9, the numerous Mega Man 2 rehashes/re-releases, and now this. I wonder what's next?

  2. This makes no sense... You include Super Skrull to replace the fantastic 4, whom has the most varying abilities, yet you first state he would have too much variety if he used boss weapons, then state he only has the megabuster and as such isn't good enough. Did we freaking just witness capcom forget about Megaman's vast experience in fighting games, along with forgetting RUSH!? WTF. I mean, SF mega could use Omega-xis for attacks, with the transformations for HCs, or EXE use some chips from the default folder as well as tranformations? Hell even X has a good moveset >_< If you're gonna say not enough variety for Megaman, then go shove in Volnutt you lazy bums.

  3. Then they make a wrong decision. Megaman was on two sequels and he should be on 3rd game as tradition. DISAPPOINTMENT, CAPCOM!

    Don't attack my comment. Its my opinion and I would like you to respect my comment as much as I respect yours. Thanks.

  4. I THINK what he's trying to say is that he wants Mega Man to use his OWN moves. Not moves that he takes from other people. In the case of Super Skrull, sure he may have taken moves from the Fantastic Four, but those are moves that he normally has. Mega Man doesn't normally have the Tornado Hold or the Leaf Shield on him. All he really has is his trusty Mega Buster. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily call this a good reason to keep him out, but y'all gonna have to face it. He's gone, and that's that.

    Also, @Krazy Monkey: Those reasons aren't Capcom kicking the fanbase in the nuts so much as kicking YOU in the nuts. But hey. Some people never change.

  5. Disgusting. I always knew Capcom didn't have much love left for Mega Man, but the extent of the hate they're showing for their mascot now is actually surprising. I never expected this.

    Despite all the shit they've dragged us through in the past, this is the first time I can honestly say I'm disgusted by Capcom and their obvious disdain not only for Mega Man, but for the fanbase. Cries for Mega Man to be in the game abound and X has topped the request list for DLC over and over again, yet they ignore that and stay the course on their quest to let us know just how much they hate Mega Man and only have any love left for fucking Zero.

    I'm just really disillusioned. At this point, I think we care much more about Mega Man than Capcom ever will again.

  6. Zero has a Megabuster? Wily's one last hurrah and he still steals one of Light's creations.

    @Anonymous"Don't attack my comment. Its my opinion and I would like you to respect my comment as much as I respect yours. Thanks."

    Just for saying that, I'm attacking your comment. You're Welcome

  7. @TAG

    Can't the same be said for Zero? All of Zero's special moves outside the Z-Buster/Dash are moves he acquires from different bosses in the X series.

  8. @TAG:

    I knew for a fact that as soon as I saw your name on the comments list, you were going to lash out at me in some way, shape, or form. I'm not in the least bit surprised to see that my assumption was correct. As always, I just love how you and several other people are so quick to jump on ME for doing that, whereas Axem White and several other people have said the EXACT SAME THING, and it wasn't given a second glance.

  9. This guy probably just hates Mega Man and is making up this excuse to not include him

  10. People are making way too big of deal about this. It's just a fighting game, move on. Mega Man doesn't have to be in every marvel vs. capcom game. Zero & Tron will work out fine.

  11. @shine:

    It wouldn't surprise me one bit if that actually were the case. They seem to be coming up with every excuse in the book as to why Mega Man is being left out of this game, and they're all completely bogus. First, they're claiming that he "adds nothing new" (which is a rather hypocritical explanation on their part; I don't see characters like Ryu and Captain America adding anything new, either), and now they're saying that he "only has a Mega Buster as a weapon". If they were able to work things out just fine in the previous two installments, why couldn't they pull it off this time around?

    @Anonymous #4:

    Actually, I'd say it is a pretty big deal, because this is nothing more than a blatant case of favoritism. Similar to how they favor Mega Man 2 over every other game in the series, they've begun to treat Zero as if he's more important than Mega Man himself.

  12. @Anonymous under Rockman: Hm....good point. See, this is why I think that this isn't the real reason he wasn't put in. But hey, I'm just following what the man says. Whether or not it's true is something different.

    @Krazy Monkey: Ctrl+F Mega Man 2

    2 results found

    Both posted by Krazy Monkey.

    Ctrl+f Mega Man 9

    1 result found

    Posted by Krazy Monkey. This is a topic about Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You're bringing up stuff about Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 9. You don't think there's a reason why I'm mostly going after YOU?

  13. Oh, also. Yes, there is favoritism involved in this game. TOWARD DARKSTALKERS. Hence why Niitsuma got 3 of them in this game (at this point, it's pretty hard to deny Hsien-Ko) and tried to get a fourth. Why does it matter?

  14. Gee fucking whiz. Seriously, Mega Man has MANY weapons he could use. Fucking Rush Adaptor too. Zero also has a sword, eh? Well Mega Man has Flame Sword, Tengu Blade and Slash Claw. LOL, wow. The more I read all this dribble the more I think they have TOTALLY lost touch with Mega Man as a whole. He is nothing more than classic fodder I suppose, meant to be a quick gimmick money maker. He took Capcom places at the start, he blasted them to fame. Now they wont even try to hold the door open for him or even X for that matter. Nothing but pathetic excuses and they know it too! Either deep down they know it or they really are that ridiculous and thick. Can someone find Niitsuma's e-mail? Mail him all the fan concepts and the Card Saga Wars video of X. Proof that it can be done. Christ, if Mega Man could be in 1 and 2, then he can sure as hell be in 3. ESPECIALLY X. Get creative and stop being friggin' lazy. >_<

  15. I don't really care who it is, I just want one more Mega Man character to fill out my team.

    Do people really think that Zero's just beginning to get all the attention? Welcome to 1997, you guys! It's been the Zero show for over a decade now, where have you been?

  16. *dang it, why do I keep forgetting to include something? Last post in a row. I promise.

    @Ashen Paul: All the polls I've seen have either Strider Hiyru, Gambit, or Psylocke as their #1 request. X is high up, but not the #1.

  17. I knew it!!! Nittsuma is now a troll!!! Do you think Zero is gonna use Mega Buster like that? NO! He's using Zero Buster!!! Not Mega Buster! Dang you, Niitsuma!!! WHY?!?!? You know we want Megaman and X in MvsC3!!! Now you decide to erase them out like nothing happened! GRRRRRR!!!! Curse you, Niitsuma!!!!

  18. Niitsuma realizes there are two other MvC games, right? We're not exactly asking for something that hasn't already happened twice in the past.

  19. Oh, and one more thing. If Phoenix Wright gets a spot as DLC and Mega Man doesn't, that will completely go against what he just said about the lack of moves and weaponry. What would PW have? Shout bubbles, papers, etc. Blows my mind. Sure it would be cool to have Wright, but they would have to get creative to include him, right? Then they should be able to do it with Rock or X. Period.

    I am not really angry at the fact that an incarnation may not be in, I am more outraged at the stupidity in their excuses.

  20. And what gets me more is that Niitsuma was the producer of TvC, so he already KNOWS from EXPERIENCE that a playable Mega Man in a Capcom versus game is completely doable.

  21. Easy solution: Make Rush, Beat and Tango some of his attacks. GEE WASN'T THAT HARD WAS IT. God. There's probably a bunch of other abilities from the old games that they don't want to mention either.

  22. I don't buy it.

    If Niitsuma thinks Mega Man doesn't have enough moves to be in a fighting game, then why the hell would he include Roll in Tatsunoko VS Capcom?

  23. Mega Man 9 stroked my nuts a lot more than it kicked me in the nuts. =)

  24. *facepalm*

    I think this guy doesn't have a clue about how versatile the Mega Buster is suppose to be.

    I mean no offense to this guy, but considering MvC is a franchise born out out shear fan service, I think what the fans think is a little more important then what this one guy thinks. Of course, maybe this guy is speaking on behalf of several developers, but regardless. You can't deny the apparent desire for Mega Man to be in this game; a game that revolves around fan service.

    I mean, where exactly is the line between this being a fan game, and when Capcom makes all of the choices?

  25. @TAG:

    I was listing recent disappointments within the Mega Man/Capcom fandom in my above comment. In addition to the subject at hand, I thought I'd list that along with it. I see nothing wrong with that. You're making it seem as if I was entirely off topic.

  26. It's official. Niitsuma should no longer be allowed to touch the vs. Capcom games anymore if that the fucking best excuse he has for why a character should not get in. (Technically there is no excuse for Mega Man not to be in there)

    Niitsuma, bite me you bastard.

  27. @Krazy Monkey:

    1) I don't recall the general consensus of Mega Man 9 being "disappointing."

    2) That would sound more believable were it not for your habit to bring up how much you don't like Mega Man 2. It's very easy to talk about their disappointments without bringing Mega Man 2.

  28. very dissapointed in you capcom. Mega man is one of your lead charaters and he kicks ass. You deserve a facepalm.

  29. Fricking 80 weapons from just the bosses. This is not counting overlaps in patterns and elements, but good grief. No creativity whatsoever if you think "he only has the MegaBuster."

  30. Lei-Lei better be on this game to make up for this shit.

  31. @Rockman,

    Immature. And please just grow up, ok ?

  32. @TAG:

    1. Maybe not, but I thought it was disappointing, and I'm entitled to that opinion, regardless of whether or not you agree with it.

    2. In case you didn't notice, I didn't say a thing about how overrated it is this time. The entire point of that comment, like I've already stated, was to list the amount of disappointments, with that being among them.

    Also, I'm sick of you scrutinizing every post I make on this blog. I have the right to express my opinion in whatever way I please. Don't want to hear what I have to say? Then don't read it. The scroll bar's there for a reason.

  33. I have a fabulous suggestion.

    EVERYONE, that includes Krazy Monkey AND TAG, shut up about MM2 and MM9, I think we can all agree with that...

    As for this, I'm again disappointed. But oh well, can't change it.

  34. This is the first time I've ever been pissed off at Capcom. I... what? Ugh... I've... I've seriously lost all respect for Ryota Niitsuma now. This is beyond disappointing, it's just downright unacceptable. Especially with "reasons" that have absolutely no basis, whatsoever! There's NO REASON for Capcom's mascot to not be included in this game, to begin with, but these excuses are just... beyond ridiculous!

    Ugh... the sad thing is that I'm still going to get the game, because I am an avid versus series fan. But this game is just going to feel incomplete to me, now. Maybe I'll just pick blue Zero and squint really hard... and bash my face in with a brick a few times and get really drunk... ya, maybe that'll solve it.

    *sighs* These excuses really do sound like Niitsuma just doesn't like Mega Man at all. I'm really hoping this is all some elaborate, cruel prank made to throw us off Mega Man's trail, but that's just wishful thinking. If this is how Capcom is going to treat their flagship character, then Inafune had the right idea when leaving the company.

  35. At the DLC comment, if you retake those polls, **** will change. A lot of those had votes being taken last year and when the leak lists were doubted, meaning people still thought some Megaman was in by default, not to mention all those other top character were deconfirmed , unlike Megaman.

    Trust me. All version of Megaman will shoot up DLC requests with, despite (and perhaps IN spite) of what Niitsuma has said.

    PS. X has beaten Strider on a poll.

  36. Shoot, Mega Man is super rad. If there's anyway I can show my support for him in MVC3 to Capcom, I'll do it!

  37. I'm not going to make a big deal out this but as of now marvel vs capcom 3 is lame. But its just because of megaman its because of CAPCOM of denying to please the fans.

  38. When Capcom-Unity redoes that DLC poll, you can be sure that I'm voting for Classic Mega Man. I don't know if it'll do any good considering Niitsuma's attitude, but HOPEFULLY it'll let Capcom know that someone disagrees with their decision.

  39. @Krazy Monkey:

    1) Which is totally why you used examples of how Capcom is kicking the entire fanbase in the nuts.

    2) Why do you have to bring it up at all? This is a place where people are supposed to whine and moan about Mega Man not being in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Besides, "Similar to how they favor Mega Man 2 over every other game in the series," -_-

    3) And I'm sick of your constantly bringing up Mega Man 2 in topics that have nothing to do with Mega Man 2. I have the right to express my opinion of your opinion in whatever way I please. Don't want to hear what I have to say? Then don't read it. The scroll bar's there for a reason.

    @Anonymous under Clown Prince of Crime: These polls were taken a few weeks ago. Waaaaay after Mega Man X was deconfirmed. The highest voted characters overall were still Gambit, Psylocke, and Strider Hiyru (and Phoenix Wright, for that matter).

  40. I thought the fact that Megaman classic didn't have many moves was the reason Volnutt was included in TvC instead?
    Why couldn't they have just adapted Volnutt to MVC3?

  41. @TAG:

    1. Yes, it was an example of the the fanbase getting kicked in the nuts, because I'm not the only one who feels that way. Take a look at the Mega Man Universe articles from back in September, I believe it was. You'll find that there are many other people who are also tired of it.

    2. Again, that was an example. Like I said in my other comment, I didn't say a word about how overrated I think it is this time around. I didn't bash the game in any way, shape, or form. That made that post specifically to mention disappointments within the fandom, and that was it. You're blowing this way out of proportion.

    3. Leeching off other peoples' arguments sure is witty, isn't it?

  42. Look, this is getting absolutely nowhere. I don't know about you, but I'd rather take Dr. Jerk's suggestion and just zip my lips (for now) rather than try to convince you that the comments section for this blog doesn't even come close to making up the majority of the fanbase.

    Though I will end by saying that putting Mega Man 2 side by side with favoritism is a not-so-subtle way of saying "This game is getting more praise than it deserves."

    *Also, leeching off your argument doesn't make it any less valid. :D

  43. Ok, here's the list:

    -Magnet Beam
    -Slide, Rush Jet used in the same fashion as the Rush Cannon from RM4MI
    -Wire, Rush Jet AGAIN
    -Tango Tackle , Beat Tackle
    -Super Arrow, Rush Jet ONCE AGAIN
    -Mega Arm
    -Rush Power and Jet Adaptors
    -Protoshield, Rush Jet ONCE MORE, Super Rush Adaptor
    -Eddie's Bomber, Auto's Bazooka, Laser Shot, Arrow Shot
    -Mega Upper (used in both previous MvsC games)
    -ANY OF THE +90 SPECIAL COPY WEAPONS, because the Variable Weapon System is THE main ability of every Mega Man that is not Trigger

    There is no excuse, NO EXCUSE, other than “Classic Mega Man doesn't sell anymore"

    Fuck you, Capcom. Sincerely. Inti Creates better not dissapoint me whenever they start making MM11. IF there' a MM11

  44. Well this is just asinine. This is what, the third contradictory, though shockingly not self-contradictory reason for Megaman's exclusion? I can't see any way to interpret these any other way than each being an on the spot evasion.

    Why can't Nitsuma actually come out and say he or he and his team have decided against a Mega Man because: "He/they're in charge and they have decided against it"? I can't speak for the rest of you, but I'd sure respect that way more than this.

    Although, one look over these comments shows he's not gaining any sympathy by pleading incompetence they're slaves to circumstances they're in control of.

  45. @TAG:

    Okay, but one more thing:

    1. I know the commenters don't exactly make up the entire fanbase, I was using that to prove that I wasn't alone on the issue.

    2. I won't lie; yes, I have said something along the lines of that in the past, but there was nothing I said in the "favoritism" post that was remotely close to it.

    Anyway, what were we talking about, again? Ah, yes. Mega Man getting cast aside in favor of Zero. Going back on topic, I have nothing against Zero, but at the same time, I do feel that he gets a little too much attention.

  46. That guy is full of crap. Has he ever heard of being a little... creative? Just make up some cool moves for him, for christ sake! Or just use the ones he already had in the previous game.

  47. Down with Niitsuma! Down with Niitsuma! Down with Niitsuma!

    We want Megaman and X in MvsC3!
    We want Megaman and X in MvsC3!
    We want Megaman and X in MvsC3!

  48. You know, it's a very good thing I am unable to be at any conferences/panels over there. Otherwise, on behalf of others who think the same, I would voice these points and pick out the holes right in front of them all. Put 'em on the spot, you know. Make 'em sweat a little.

    I mean, seriously. C'mon. This is Marvel VS Capcom, not Marvel VS a few other new Capcom characters and typical choices from street fighter/darkstalkers. Mega Man, Strider, Jin, Captain Commando, a rep from Rival Schools etc etc... I mean, they all should be mandatory.

  49. Sounds like BS to me, more variety? Megaman has dozens of robot master´s weapons from all his games they could have adapted to his normal and special attacks the same way they did with Dante.

    Sorry Niitsuma, I just don´t believe your argument.

  50. Niitsuma's comments remind me of the problems I've had with Zero as far back as X4. Before Zero, Mega Man was known as the character who could do potentially anything, as far as abilities are concerned. But now that Zero has monopolized sword-weapons and skillful acrobatics, the Mega Man-type characters (X in particular) have been labeled as "gun guys", stuck with samey buster-type weapons that aren't necessarily better than his default weapon. Worse is when Zero and the ZX guys are allow to cheat this idea and gain multiple projectile and melee weapons, but the Mega Man-type characters aren't for some reason.

    The problem is, Mega Man still represents the underdog little guy that grows to outdo even what his his strongest enemies are capable of. There's no need to characterize him simply by his Buster, especially since the Buster's main purpose is to be a weak default weapon and make the other Robot Master weapons look better. Keiji Inafune's indulgence of Zero has made him into a Fonzie-symbol, with the Mega Man characters treated as irrelevant and incapable of growth. Picture a Kirby game where Metaknight has a sword and the copy abilities, while Kirby can only inhale.

    Would it be so unfaithful to have Mega Man use sword weapons and other assorted knickknacks, like Zero and Team ZX? It sure helped out Mega Man Volnutt, who gets every doodad under the sun (and two love interests to boot).

  51. Ya know... if the argument is that Mega Man can't mix weapons from different series, then there's a few holes with that.

    For starters, Wily Wars says "hi". In that game, when you arrive at Wily Tower, you could mix and match any 8 weapons from Mega Man 1, 2, and 3. You could even have Item 2 and Rush, if you wanted.

    Also, has Niitsuma forgotten about Power Fighters and Power Battles? Or maybe he's just not aware of those games? Well, those are Mega Man fighting games, and in them, guess what? Mega Man has a lot of fighting moves that he doesn't have in his platform games (and since these are strictly Mega Man games, they should still count). But going back to the mixing weapons from different games thing, this game does that, too.

    But, okay, let's say that you really, really, REALLY want to be adamant about not mixing weapons from different games. Alright, then, just go with the weapons from Mega Man 10. There's 11 different weapons in that game, plus there's quite a bit of diversity there, too. And the use of Mega Man's weapons don't HAVE to be restricted to special moves. They can be super moves and even normal moves, too! Just be creative with the moveset; it's not that hard.

    If it all boils down to not wanting to use anything other than the Mega Buster... well, that's incredibly stupid. Mega Man is KNOWN for using Robot Master weapons. Why take away something that's essentially his trademark? Not to mention that this argument is contradicted by the fact that in this game, Zero is already seen using moves that he only acquires after beating Mavericks.

    Honestly, Niitsuma's excuses just seem to make me think he either doesn't like Mega Man, or has some other reason for trying as hard as he can to keep Mega Man out. Maybe he's mad at Inafune for leaving Capcom? I don't know, but what I do know is that the bullcrap that Niitsuma is feeding us is as obvious as Mega Man is the color blue.

  52. Capcom and Niitsuma didn't love us after all! SHAME!!! They're not trustworthy anyway! Good bye!

  53. And don't forget Capcom and Niitsuma love to troll us. No matter what.

  54. Well, Lemme post my two cents here...
    First off, TAG and Krazy, Obviously no one here gives a rats *** about you two b****ing, take it somewhere else please? Second off, How can they NOT think of variety of Mega. Man. The only thing he can do IS variety. Zero on the other hand, only gets:
    A sword and projectiles(Which X can also use, mind you.)
    And new techniques each time he beats a boss.
    New. Techniques. Using a sword in any fancy way will get old eventually. And whats the reason again? Classic MM didnt sell well? So are they implying the X series did, or the Zero series? Last time I checked, zero series didnt get too many sales, while Classic and X both got more sales. Now, if they can include Zero, Why not X? Hell, literally everything Zero can do, X can too. Have you not seen him user the Z-saber? He uses it better then Zero. All Zero does are some fancy uppercuts with it.

    Now, sure, Megaman has never kept his abilities throughout a game aside from charge, slide, and robo-animal related, but that doesnt mean he doesnt have variety. There have been many types of megaman weapons, like close range, platforms that sometimes do damage, Shields, weapons you can aim with, All sorts of things. How is that not enough variety?

    Then again, ranting here wont help seeing as capcom doesnt read this.

  55. @MegamanMegafan: Although most of your argument is so, so, true... I kinda have to disagree with X being a better Z-Saber wielder. I mean, Zero was MADE to wield a saber. Just look at the X4 cutscene. That was just a pipe, but he beat the living daylights out of Sigma. So yeah, X got better thanks to the Shadow Armor. But STILL, He got better WHEN he got the armor.

    Just sayin'. To topic, Megaman doesn't have like, 100+ Robot Master's Weapons, some super upgrades, and the RUSH ADAPTOR. SAY WHAT, NITSUMA?

  56. All of you ranting on here are wasting your breath. If you want to rant, create an account on Capcom-Unity and speak your minds there. If you do be prepared to be trolled by hardcore MvC3 and Street Fighter fans though, they seem to hate MM and all MM fans.

  57. You know, if Niitsuma had said that Megaman was cut because during development they realized that it was going to be too similar to Arthur in playstyle (which could have been the case, since both are platform side-scroller projectile based characters) and they decided to give the spot to Arthur, because it was a new character in the franchise, I would have been perfectly okay with it.

    But I guess they can´t even make up decent excuses.

  58. No excuse, Niitsuma. It's up to you. We're your Megaman fans. And don't make us angry or disappoint too much. Why don't you put Megaman or X in MvsC3, so we all will happy? But no! Not like this! Just not like this! ;_;

  59. ...Am I the ONLY person on the internet who isn't bothered by this?

  60. @VoiceOfReason: Ya, I know what you mean. A lot of idiots troll MM fans because they "talk too much about Mega Man", and it annoys them. Some of them are even happy about him not being in, just because it upsets fans. It's even worse on GameFAQs. These people seem to act that way toward any large group of people rooting for a character, though. Maybe it's just the "cool" thing to do?

    @Anon under VoiceOfReason: Well, that could be a good excuse, if the game didn't have Akuma in it... which pretty much negates the whole "playing too similarly" excuse now, too. =/

  61. Well, Crapcom, Safe to say that, You Lost a Fan.

    Past MML3 and AAI2, I ain't getting anything else Crapcom.

  62. @Tcat: No, there's other people that aren't bothered by it. I think people SHOULD be bothered by it, though. I mean, it's kind of an unwritten rule that in an all-encompassing Marvel vs. Capcom game, you have to have at least the following four characters: Ryu, Wolverine, Mega Man, and Spider-Man. Without Mega Man, the game just feels incomplete, as he's the closest thing the company has to a mascot. The boneheaded decision to not include him is made even weirder when you consider that Zero and Tron Bonne (supporting characters from the Mega Man franchise) are already in the game, too.

    What gets me, though, is that Niitsuma's excuses for not putting Mega Man in have no basis. And he even admitted that there was a spot reserved for Mega Man, but because he CLAIMS that Mega Man can't work as a fighting game character (despite the fact that there were three Mega Man fighting games, two for arcade and one for NGPC), they decided to not include him at all.

    Perhaps I ranted more than I should have, but ya, there are actually quite a few people besides you that aren't bothered by this... and quite frankly, I find that disturbing and depressing.

  63. @HRaE

    Are ya sure? Because arent those the only current megaman related games announced? How do you know you wont buy any after that?

    Face it, No matter how hard we all bitch, it wont change anything. We'll all still buy the game and like it, or buy it and hate it. But all that matters to a business is that we bought it.

  64. GODDAMN CAPCOM!!! How could they treat such fabulous and powerful robot like this?! I mean, yeah, Mega Man was TOO original from the previous MvC series, but they could've rearranged his moves and abilities, or adding special weapons from each Mega Man series for such better reason?! And, well, I still appreciated that they brought back Tron and Zero as the new character, but, Mega Man...the alpha of all Mega Man games...decided not to return?! How extremely dissappointing is that?!(even I'm well dissapointed that they didn't bring Frank West in it too) Shame on you Niitsuma! Shame on you Capcom! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

  65. @MegamanMegafan, cause, It seems like past MML3, Mega Man is bound will go downhill, like a certain furfag.

  66. hey I lust found out that the supposly deconfirmed sentinel IS CONFIRMED in mvc3 now thats messed up.

  67. I guess Niitsuma never played X3 or X6. X has some nice saber skills too. They could put that incarnation in. They just like the mental capacity or creativity to think that far into things. That much is obvious.

  68. So let me get this straight, Megaman isnt in since all he has is his Buster weapon, yet Arthur from G&G fame that does nothing but throw weapons is in it? Chris from Resident evil fame does nothing but uses guns and a small knife is in it? Sorry I not buying into the pathetic excuse

  69. But didn't Niitsuma play Megaman/Megaman X series, RE, and all? If he did, why did he choose Chris Redfield, Wesker, and Zero (some people believe Inafune's last choice for MvsC3 is finalized before he left)for the first place?

  70. lmao....finally, i can play marvel vs capcom 3 in a few days....without megaboy...they threw his ass out and brought akuma in...way 2 go capcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. you dont have to approve this....just like u 2 know....megabitch is done!!!!! no return 4 dat bitch....we got zero 4 that....i mean, none of us real men want 2 see megafag perform some half assed dragon punch...truth is...capcom left him out because there werent any female slots left after hsien-ko was announced...R.I.P. megakid

  72. Okay, I don't know if Niitsuma is either stupid, ignorant or on drugs.

    But I have this to say.


    I mean seriously, first Seth Killian deconfirms X but said that doesn't rule out a version of Mega Man to be in. Then Niitsuma says "Mega Man fans are gonna have to wait a bit longer." and now he's backstabbing us for shits and giggles?!

    I agree with everyone else who also thinks that Mega Man can use more than just his Megabuster.

    In fact, there's more to Mega Man than meets the eye.
    Plus his Hyper Mega Man, Rush Drill, and Beat Plane isn't found anywhere else OTHER THAN MVC.

    I've been a Mega Man fan for years, and I am totally against this.
    Niitsuma has poor choice of characters, such as MODOK.

    Thanks Capcom, you've made MvC3 another SSBB.


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